Al-Saadi: America lives on the crises in Iraq to ensure its survival


Jawad Rahim Al-Saadi, the Secretary-General of the Jihad and Building Movement, stated that America relies on the turmoil in Iraq and the issues it causes to maintain instability and its ongoing presence in the nation.

According to Al-Maalouma, Al-Saadi claimed that the United States tried to reverse the situation after discovering that former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi was turning to China to carry out various projects in Iraq. This came at a time when Washington lacked the capability to fulfill the aspirations of the Iraqi people.

He stated that the United States lacks reliable companies that can improve the electricity situation and alleviate the suffering of its citizens during the energy crisis. Furthermore, Iraq is prohibited from forming contracts with reputable Siemens or Chinese companies in this field. Additionally, the US hinders the flow of funds to countries that supply Iraq with gas to power its stations.

He suggested that America is using various tactics to surround Iraq and expose the government in front of the public. This could lead to public unrest against the government and allow America to maintain its dominance and presence in Iraq. The ongoing instability and crises in the country only make this situation worse.