Al-Sudani instructs to hold a “continuing” workshop to promote the tourism sector

Al-Sudani instructs to hold a

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, instructed for a continuous workshop to be held in order to enhance the country’s tourism industry. He emphasized the importance of including the private sector in the planning process.

Al-Sudani’s media office released a statement indicating that he presided over a meeting with the Minister of Culture, Tourism, Antiquities and Heritage, and the leaders of the Tourism and Antiquities and Heritage Authorities, along with their senior staff, to enhance and improve this industry.

At the meeting, they discussed the current state of tourism in Iraq and the major issues and challenges that are hindering the growth of this significant industry. Despite having all the necessary components for success, such as religious tourism and other forms of tourism, there are still obstacles preventing its advancement.

Al-Sudani emphasized the significance of tourism and the necessity to boost its promotion. Tourism serves as a cultured destination for the country, contributes to economic development and job opportunities, and enhances the national product.

He highlighted that the government’s primary focus is on economic reform, which entails addressing the one-sided economy and promoting diversification by revitalizing vital sectors like tourism. The government is committed to rejuvenating the tourism sector in the next phase as per its program.

Al-Sudani is overseeing a workshop focused on defining the goals of the tourism industry and outlining the necessary steps for its growth. He emphasizes the crucial role of the private sector in implementing these plans.

The Prime Minister has instructed the tourism industry to focus on enhancing the skills of specialized workers in tourism and keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in this field worldwide.