Al-Yakti defines his position on the oil and gas meeting: Al-Sudani has a serious will to approve it

Al-Yakti defines his position on the oil and gas meeting: Al-Sudani has a serious will to approve it

On Wednesday, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan shared its stance on the government’s recent meeting regarding the oil and gas law. Although they acknowledged the law’s significance, they emphasized the importance of political dialogues in creating a well-crafted law.

Ahmed Al-Harki, the leader of the Union, stated that today’s meeting was a political gathering with the presence of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Oil, and a delegation from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government. He also mentioned that there was an artistic task involved.

During the meeting, the National Union was represented by their leader, Pavel Talabani. This confirms Al-Yakti’s involvement in drafting the crucial law that the people of Iraq have been eagerly anticipating for over 18 years.

The head of Talabani’s political party stated that the Kurdistan region’s natural gas resources are situated in the areas where the Patriotic Union holds sway. This fact is significant from a practical and rational perspective, and the members of the State Administration coalition and Sudanese acknowledge the relevance of the union engaging in political discussions regarding the matter.

According to Al-Harki, these dialogues are crucial in creating a law that satisfies all parties. He believes that the oil and gas law is an integral part of the government’s agenda, which was approved by the Iraqi parliament.

He stated that al-Sudani and the State Administration Coalition are determined to pass the law. He expressed hope that the law will contribute to creating a stable and significant political and economic relationship between Baghdad and the region.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani stated that the draft oil and gas law is a crucial and significant piece of legislation, serving as a source of strength and unity for Iraq. He also directed the creation of a ministerial committee to oversee technical discussions regarding the oil and gas law.

For many years, the oil and gas law has been a controversial issue between Erbil and Baghdad. However, the two parties have agreed to approve the draft law within the framework of a political agreement that resulted in the formation of the current government.