An increase in Iraq’s oil exports to America during the past week


On this Sunday, it was reported by the US Energy Information Administration that Iraq’s oil exports to America had surpassed those of Saudi Arabia in the past week.

According to a recent schedule released by the administration, the average daily imports of crude oil from eight major countries in the US have decreased. The figure for the past week was 5.487 million barrels per day, which is 770 million barrels per day lower than the previous week’s figure of 6.257 million barrels per day.

She stated that Iraq’s daily oil exports to the United States last week averaged 273,000 barrels, which was an increase of 14,000 barrels per day from the previous week’s average of 259,000 barrels. As a result, Iraq has exceeded Saudi Arabia in its oil exports to the United States.

She noted that the majority of America’s oil revenues over the past week were derived from Canada, with a rate of 3.203 million barrels per day. Mexico followed with an average of 830 million barrels per day, and Colombia contributed an average of 287 thousand barrels per day towards oil revenues.

The administration reported that on average, the United States imported 242,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the average daily imports from Nigeria were 229,000 barrels, from Ecuador were 216,000 barrels, and from Brazil were 216,000 barrels. However, the United States did not import any oil from Russia or Libya during that time.