Baghdad and Ankara are discussing the resumption of oil exports from northern Iraq

A Turkish delegation visits Iraq to resume exporting Kurdistan's oil

On Thursday, officials from the Turkish and Iraqi sides indicated that the file to resume oil exports from northern Iraq would be discussed in the coming period.

“A Turkish delegation will meet with Iraqi oil officials in Baghdad on June 19 to discuss the resumption of oil exports from northern Iraq,” Iraqi Oil Minister for Extractive Affairs Undersecretary Basim Mohammad told Reuters. “

Iraq is awaiting a “final deal” with Turkey to resume Kurdistan’s oil exports, the autonomous region’s government has announced after more than a month has passed. Officials in Erbil indicated that Iraq was still awaiting Turkey’s response to a request to resume exports.

On March 25, Turkey halted Iraqi oil exports of 450,000 barrels per day through a pipeline from northern Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.