Basra Gas Company Achieves Record Export of Condensates


Iraq’s Basra Gas Company (BGC) exported a record 25,000-ton shipment of condensates, its largest ever.

Andrew Weir, CEO of BGC, said that the shipment was a major achievement that would boost Iraq’s export rates and enhance its financial revenues.

“Iraq has the potential to become a major global player in the LPG and condensates market, and we are determined to be among the leading exporting countries,” said Weir.

Basra Gas Company has been able to increase its shipment of condensates from 16,300 tons to 25,000 tons with the help of the tanker “Marilyn”. This increased production has enabled the company to enhance its export capacity and ship larger volumes more safely and efficiently.

The Ministry of Oil has released a statement reporting that BGC has been able to increase its production of associated gas to more than three times the amount produced when the company was established in 2013. Furthermore, BGC’s efforts have prevented over 160 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere so far. With the full operation of the Basra LNG plant, an additional 10 million tons of carbon dioxide will be prevented from polluting the atmosphere, bringing the company’s total carbon dioxide reduction capacity to approximately 30 million tons per year.