Bondlady’s Corner – Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Thursday Afternoon 9-28-23


Iraq Economic News and Points to Ponder Thursday Afternoon 9-28-23

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Despite Its Rise.. Baghdad Markets Close On Stability In Dollar Prices

Time: 09/28/2023 Read: 1,872  {Economic: Al-Furat News} The main stock exchange in Baghdad was closed this evening, Thursday, as the exchange rates of the US dollar stabilized against the Iraqi dinar.

With the closure of the main Kifah and Harithiya stock exchanges in Baghdad, dollar prices recorded 155,750 Iraqi dinars against 100 dollars, which are the same prices that were recorded this morning.

The selling prices in the exchange shops in the local markets in Baghdad also stabilized, as the selling price reached 156,750 dinars for 100 dollars, while the purchase price reached 154,750 dinars for 100 dollars.  LINK

Iraq Is Among The Countries That Produce The Most Oil In 2022

Economy   Thursday, September 28, 2023  Follow-up/National News Center   Oil prices peaked at more than $100 per barrel, marking their highest level in 8 years, doubling the profits of international oil companies.

The United States has topped the list of the world’s largest oil producers since 2018, producing about 18 million barrels per day, followed by Saudi Arabia in second place, producing 12.136 million barrels per day.  The list included 3 other Arab countries: Iraq, the Emirates, and Kuwait.

Below is the production volume in thousand barrels per day for the largest oil producers in the world:

Al-Sudani Chairs A Special Meeting To Finance Ministries’ Projects

Political | 09/28/2023  Mawazine News – Baghdad  Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed today, Thursday, that the stability of the country depends on completing projects, providing services, and combating corruption.

The Prime Minister’s Media Office said in a statement received by Mawazine News, “Today, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani chaired a special meeting to follow up on the implementation of government program priority projects and their financing in various sectors.”

The statement added, “The Prime Minister discussed, in the meeting attended by the Minister of Finance, a number of deputy ministries, the head of the Board of Advisors, and a number of advisors, a group of topics, the most important of which is increasing coverage for the beneficiaries of the Social Protection Authority and the full-time employee, and health sector projects in supporting specialized centers for heart disease.”

And cancer diseases, increasing the coverage rate for purchasing medicines in the governorates, infrastructure projects in the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction, and maintenance and transportation projects in the electricity sector, in preparation for next summer, in addition to supporting modern irrigation techniques in the agricultural sector.”

The Prime Minister stressed, “The need to spend financial allocations for these projects, and other investment projects, with a new mechanism that accelerates the completion of the projects, and directed the Ministry of Health to focus on rehabilitating hospitals in Nineveh Governorate, in order to raise the level of health services provided to the people of the governorate.”

Al-Sudani stated, “The priorities of the government program must be reflected in the disbursement of budget allocations, warning that the stability of the country depends on the completion of projects, the provision of services, and the fight against corruption.”

The Central Bank Sells More Than $193 Million In Currency Auction

Economy News – Baghdad  Today, Thursday, the Central Bank of Iraq’s sales in the foreign currency sales window amounted to more than 193 million dollars.

The Central Bank’s website published its dollar sales schedule, which Al-Iqtisad News reviewed. It included the participation of 27 banks and 89 exchange companies, and covered external transfer requests of $180 million, while cash requests amounted to more than $13 million.

The Central Bank of Iraq sells the dollar for documentary credits and international settlements for electronic cards at a price of 1,305 dinars per dollar, for every dollar for documentary credits and international settlements for electronic cards, at a price of 1,310 dinars per dollar for external transfers, and at a price of 1,310 dinars per dollar in cash.

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Romanowski Participates In The Iraq Economic Contact Group Meeting

Thursday 28, September 2023 | Economical Number of readings: 286  Baghdad / NINA / The US Ambassador to Baghdad, Elena Romanowski, participated in the meeting of the Economic Contact Group for Iraq.

The ambassador in Targarbda said on Twitter: “I participated in a fruitful meeting with the ambassadors of the Iraq Economic Contact Group and advisors to the Prime Minister, Muhammad al-Hakim and Kazem al-Hassani, to discuss reform efforts that work to expand the private sector in Iraq, improve commercial competitiveness, reform the banking sector, and encourage cooperation between the two public sectors.” And private.”

The US State Department Offers Its Condolences To The Victims Of The Hamdaniyah Tragedy And Confirms Its Readiness To Support Iraq  

Political | 01:36 – 09/28/2023  The US State Department offers its condolences to the victims of the Hamdaniyah tragedy and confirms its readiness to support Iraq 

Mawazine News – Baghdad  Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani received, today, Thursday, a telegram of condolence from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the Hamdaniyah fire accident.

The Prime Minister’s Media Office said in a statement received by Mawazine News, “Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani received a condolence telegram from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in the Al-Hamdaniya district (Baghdida) fire incident.”

He added, “Schulz expressed his sincere condolences and sympathy with the government and people of Iraq. He also expressed his sympathy with the families of the victims, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.”


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