Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 1-11-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 1-11-24

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, January 11th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in. Hopefully the SAT team is actively connecting the call around the globe as we speak. And thank you, Sat team for that and thank you for everybody for tuning in and listening to the big call tonight.

 This time you guys is really an interesting time for us. We are right in the hat/ the throes of the final days of this as I mentioned on Tuesday.

What we’re finding now is that some of the sources that we’ve had have  just clammed up – they’re under new NDAs they’ve got gag orders – you know, in some cases they’re being listened to  – so they’re not really forthcoming with Intel. They really aren’t.

That’s good and bad. The good side, the bad side, we don’t get as much intel as we’d like – to know exactly what’s happening. The bad side. That’s the bad.

The good side is. It shows that we’re so close to this going because they don’t want certain leaks to come out of certain portions of this exchange procedure and everything and they just want to have it quiet.  That’s a good sign. Believe it or not, it’s a good sign.

Fortunately, I do have a little bit of new Intel for you. Right, I’ll just gonna boil it down here in a few minutes to talk to you guys Tuesday about where we believe we are in this process.

We had a major let’s just call it internet guru. I don’t like that term, internet person – say that we were going to get this -meaning our notifications  between Wednesday and Friday. That’s tomorrow. Now I don’t know that that’s going to quite hold up.

And here’s why. We did find out that the super whales and the whales, which would be in tier three these would be major huge bondholders  – These guys have been finally completed  and they expect to be notified over the weekend – that notification would give them the timing for their access to their funds.

Okay. The other thing is what we’re hearing from a major paymaster with Wells and this is not just him, but other people are saying that they are working now for the next 24 to 48 hours. And I think that would be through Saturday. In other words, Friday and Saturday – They’re working to get the intermediary groups paid.

And they have a whole plan for that. They could get it done in 24 hours. It could be 48 hours. So I’m gonna say it could extend out to and through Saturday.

The same individual is also saying that we should receive our notifications within the next four days. But that would take us from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, to Monday, Martin Luther King Day.

Now, if it go – remember that it could be within four days, not just four days away, but within the next four days starting tomorrow, Thursday, Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Now, they may take this to the  very end.

You guys know that Monday is a bank holiday and a federal holiday – Martin Luther King Day. Banks will be closed –  we talked about redemption centers possibly being open when banks are closed. And that is possible. However, it’s not likely to be the case.

So we have a four day period here let’s say that we could get something to happen within it. But being that Monday, the 15th is a federal holiday. Maybe notifications come out within this time, but maybe we don’t exchange until Tuesday.

I’m just bringing out the reality of it.  I haven’t been told that. But I think it’s conceivable that we go all the way through Monday and don’t have it yet. Or we could get it tomorrow or we can get it Saturday. Just stay open – There’s something happening for us over the next four days.

bondholders should be receiving their notifications by email over the weekend. We could get our notifications over the weekend. It just depends on how closely they want to keep the shotgun start. Is it a true shotgun start where we all get notified at the same time? Is there a 12 to 14 hour period where, let’s say tier three gets notified of their liquidity and then we don’t for those 12 hours.

Yeah, that could be the case.

Jeanie mentioned something in her prayer request synopsis that talked about R&R – still  planning to happen in the month of January and it should be – I said this before – it should come a week after we start exchanges – R&R to come out as restitution reclamation allowance a week after we start our exchanges. Okay, so that’s going to take place in that timeframe.

The increasing social security. I don’t know that anybody has seen it yet this month, but it’s supposed to be this month. Let’s just wait and see what happens on that.

Today was supposed to be the day that we had a NESARA announcement to come out. Don’t believe that has taken place? If it did, it could be a soft announcement, like just GESARA was last week. A soft announcement was made about GESARA globally. Well, who was an aide to I don’t know what made me, but I understand that took place. Fine. Good.

Now, SR has a lot of different components.

But we thought we might get one of those today, at least one start of a description of the announcements of NESARA today, to my knowledge, didn’t happen.

So we’ll see when that does happen.   Political change?  We’ll  see.

There’s quite a bit guys that needs to come out. That hasn’t come out yet.

All I can tell you is there are there is a lot of cleanup and pickup throughout the world going on continually now.

They’re making great headway with it. As I mentioned Tuesday night, I think we’re moving very well in that direction.

They’re doing really great with drew that But it’s not over. So I’m gonna recommend everybody. plan on having a great weekend. Keep an eye on emails.

When this does come in and we get our toll free numbers  we will post them on big call And then we do get them. We’ll also send out an email blast with people that registered on the call They would like notified of numbers. We’ll send that out and that will go out and of course when I get it, I will tell it I don’t know that we’ll get it before Tuesday or not, but we should but anyway, it’ll be out one within 10 minutes of any of us getting it.

It’ll probably make it on the blogs or make it online so people will see it. but just make sure it’s the same thing that you see on big call or that you get in an email from us from our servers. but the Wells Fargo servers you know are supposed to click in, with the emails going out, out of Atlanta. And this should be coming in, and we should be getting those theoretically the latest is that four days.

So “within” is the operative word for the so we’ll see where this goes. We’ll see what happens. We are very close to it  – I believe that’s everything I’m gonna cover tonight. There’s not a whole lot out there. Most of what’s out there on the blog came from my call last Tuesday night that I’ve heard about but that’s okay.

We’re looking to get  — started – Excuse me. Tuesday morning was that the Iraqi Dinar would be on the Forex Tuesday morning . I have not — Tuesday, Wednesday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning. I have not been able to confirm that it is absolutely being traded on the Forex yet.

It may be holding it back from the US from us seeing it until we get to go ahead. The only way I can think of there. But the good news is that when things get super quiet that means we’re super close.

All right. so that’s what I’m gonna say tonight. Everybody I want everybody to have a great weekend. Enjoy Martin Luther King Day – Monday –  Let’s see what happens  for us Over the next four days

All right, everybody. Have a great weekend. Let’s go ahead and pray the call out

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