Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 10-5-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 10-5-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, October 5TH  and you’re listening to the big call. Glad you’re here. Thanks for tuning in everybody.

Here we are on a Thursday night – And we had we were in 93 countries 19 point 7 million listeners 19.7.  tonight effort by the satellite team. our satellite team is to try to catch 200 countries, and we could be 25 plus million listeners tonight. So hopefully that tracking is going well and are able to get, get that that number that they’re trying to hit 200 countries tonight.

Okay, well. All right, let’s do this you guys. Let’s go ahead and talk about the Intel we’ve got and go from there.  I’ll try to get to Jeanie’s point in a little bit about restoration reclamation allowance I call it r&r to keep it short, restitution and reclamation allowance.

A lot of people said, was that the same as debt forgiveness? Yes. that’s where the debt forgiveness. money that we paid in interest comes back to us. That’s where the taxes that we paid Since the 40s If you were all old enough to pay at that time, they came back in, you’ll get that refund and there’s so much that’s going to come back

It’s really kind of amazing to me, and I know some of the numbers. So let’s talk about where we stand right now, though. What was happening at the redemption center yesterday, so yesterday was Wednesday

Tuesday morning at the redemption centers, certain representatives from the Treasury – actually US Treasury marshals – had CD ROMs that they came in and our redemption center leaders let them in early into the redemption center – And they put on the CD ROM and all of the country codes listed and they literally had to go through and I’m thinking it was alphabetical, but it might not have been.

But they went ahead and entered the country codes for the revaluation of these of each country’s currency and they entered in this country codes, basically that were put into the treasury of each nationality, each nation and they entered those in it a period of time and they had to have a “ping” that came back to the computer to acknowledge that they received it, and they’ve got it. Okay, and so that went on all day for 12 hours.

And it’s that 7:05pm One of our leaders exited it was able to go home and they literally had to literally stay at his desk and they brought drinks and lunch supper and all that stuff while he was there entering this data –  that was successful – that happened. So that that was done so that we can move forward. And why was that? So that each redemption center and this happened all over the country or every state. 

Okay, and so once that data was entered, that made it so that that redemption center could receive any, any currency from any country for redemption, in other words, or exchange into USN our new US dollar currency or US Treasury. Note or USTN.

Alright, so that is major. And that happened. The other thing that happened I believe it was tomorrow, the United States and the United States new dollar, the USN is being utilized as fully complete in the system. And we believe that our new US Treasury notes currency, money –  the physical cash that we would fold and put in our pockets, or in your purse, that money is to be available in the banks we think either Saturday or Monday.

Now they’re doing deliveries – to the  Redemption centers  – they have already received some of this new let’s call it cash. Okay on our new money they’ve already received it months ago – but they are sending more – Delivering more

Now, they want to keep us  from getting  no more than 3500  in US currency.  There could be some exceptions that would allow you to get six grand – they just don’t want us rolling up here with cash on are afraid some people will get mugged over the head  later  after leaving redemption center – .

Now remember it is not a lot of money in the big scheme of things. So if you’re not a cash person  anyway – enough to get by with cash on your debit credit card, you can spend when you when you get out of the redemption center.

And you’ll also have your mother load account which is your quantum account. You cannot spend it’s locked in until you move it using your quantum card, your quantum a card to in our case, Wells Fargo primary or secondary accounts. So you’re gonna have access to move that right away on its way or exchanges and you’re certain that it’s a pretty good amount into it’s going to be plenty. They’re going to ask you how much you need to move. For the first 90 days we’re three months or you calculate in your mind how much you need. to move, then you can put that into your primary account.

Now, more than likely, we won’t have time to set up multiple accounts. Only one we think at the center. There’s a lot to get done. And the latest I have today is remember I told you we have 40 minutes to do our exchanges. They’re wanting to short that shorten that down to about 30 minutes. That’s a lot to do in 30 mins –  Inserting your counter verifying all of your dependencies. With up to three delarue machines at each redemption center at the same time. So you go in there with a duffel bag or suitcase full of currency. Their goal is to knock that out immediately –  Right away Okay, using three separate Delarue  machines that are hooked up to a laptop and feeding that information in.

So they’re gonna go gangbusters on testing and verifying currency.

Now, what are we what else do we have to do? We’ve got a five to eight minute presentation which is which is you can do to patient centered on your plans.

to set up your account and get a quantum card That’s going to take time biometric fingerprint, you know, debit cards passwords and stuff to that, you’re gonna have — Well, at the very end of the  certificate for less valued up to 1000 and you get if you are a zim holder -you’ll get at the very end a cue phone – that’s what you get. You also get a list of perks.

A few pages long that go over we repeat and sign it. There’s a lot to do – There’s a lot to get done – And they feel they can knock out most of us in 30 mins – some may take longer –  one and if you have if you have bonds – already hsve not found buyers  for – you’re supposed  to bring those  and if you talk to a live person, let them know what type of bonds you have. And just generally how many bonds not the value of them? How many if it’s a box of bonds, or if they’re sheet bonds. I’m not talking about the zim – that  we have – we’re not talking about that.

I’m talking about other types of bonds. It could be anything from German bonds or railroad bonds, the yellow or red dragon bonds. All kinds of there’s like seven different – quite a few.

So you’re gonna want to let them know when you talk to that live person, when you call in to set your appointment that you have those that you want to exchange.  Well, you really want to redeem the bonds. That’s what you want to say I want to redeem these sheet bonds that I have

Okay. Also, some information has been going out that I heard about yesterday. That is incorrect. And I want you guys to be aware that just because it’s in print, or just because it’s online, or just because it came through telegram doesn’t make it true.

For example, information came through that talked about the rates and the rates were way off. They weren’t even close to right.

And, for example, if we received the contract rate on the dinar, one dinar gets the same rate as 100 million dinar does.

Okay, so there’s, there’s one rate, contract rate and you’ll get and it won’t be so many at this rate, money, this rate and so many more at that rate. No, that’s not what it is at all. Forget that  – and the other currency rates are bogus, deep state put that out and took that information and screwed it up and sent it off. And, you know, that’s just not true.

 Also, there was an 80/20 thing there. It is also not true. We went over the years ago, As zim holder. you can use whatever percentage you want for projects and whatever percentage for yourself  – where the where the mistake might have been made. is that there’s was a first a Zim platform, Originally that came out and had no restriction whatsoever.

And there was a second zim platform now that’s a zim trading platform. And that second version if you will, of that Zim platform, most you’ve never even heard of and you’re not in it. It doesn’t even matter.

But a few of you I know are. So if you’re in that second version of zoom platform, there was a stipulation in that that made it 80% To go to you, And 20% would go to NESARA and GESARA  Okay, it’s a reversal of what everybody’s thought it was.

The 80/20 – The 80 goes to the individual and the 20 would be used for NESARA or GESARA –  in that case. Anyway, it doesn’t have anything to do for the most part, unless you’re in that second phase of zim platform trade, which you’re not – a few of you are – but that’s another thing that was misconstrued and put out in that post that was wrong.

Let’s see what else they talked about trying to get us in and out and 20 minutes. Listen, there’ll be doing great to get us in and out in 30 minutes. I think 40 is  more like it, but I think that they’re going to try to get it out in 30, not 20 — 30 minutes.

But four errors I’ve caught so far in that in that thing that went out if many of you saw it, just disregard it and don’t read that stuff. Oh, it’s done. That’s deep state manipulation. And we know who the real people are and are good – and what they say. but this came out as was an error grave error. I don’t want you guys to fall for that. I want you to take and I know I wish I could give you the exact rates. And I could except the rates do change.

But I’m on a call that is reaching a lot of people and I’m not supposed to do it. I’ve been asked not to do rates. I’ve given you an idea of where it is. But if you’ve paid attention you’ve gotten that and you know the Zim is at one rate  –  is on par  – which means the same as US dollar, or in our case the USN – simple -look at the denomination of the bill of a note of the bearer bond itself.

What does it 50 billion 10 trillion 50, Trillion – 100 trillion – Guess what? That’s what it’s worth – end of story.

Now the timing of this. -Let’s talk about one other thing before we get to that.

Jeanie asked about reclamation restoration. Allowance R&R I call it is actually restitutional  and reclamational   allowance that’s what they’re calling it. I’m calling it r&r a  for allowance.

Now, before we get to it, though, Let’s talk for a minute about Social Security. Social Security will continue to pay out where we are now but it’s going to come out. I believe, either at the same time in the month of October that you normally get it which is first, second, third or fourth Wednesday.

But I know in the case of fourth Wednesday, it’s going to be moved to the Saturday prior can’t speak for all of the other Wednesdays.

But I know the last Wednesday is moved up and should be paid out on the Saturday prior to that which is great. Now the amounts are supposed to be significantly higher than they are now.

The top social security amount will be $5,200 – 5200. These are for older folks that have paid in a lot. Maybe they’re in their 70s or 80s. But it’ll peak it’ll top out at 5200 a month. That will pay for the next three months including October, November December –

Now, those of us who might be a little bit younger, but we’re still getting social security from the age of 62 and older. If you opted for early, you’ll get a nice increase – should be a very significant increase. I can’t speak to it in the younger 62 to 70 age group. I think it’s gonna be in the mid 3000 range.

Maybe 2750 to 3600 in that range. Please don’t hold me to that. Okay. I cannot say I know the exact number. So there’s a number there that will be available – that’s Social Security and then Social Security as we know it is going to change dramatically after the first of January 2024 And it’s going to go to a larger higher number than I’d just rather not say it but it’s probably two to three times a big number that we talked about.

Two, two and a half times the size of it and it pays out every month and in this new version of Social Security for the rest of your life.

Now, that’s a lot. it’s not gonna matter if you’ve got zim it won’t make a big difference. Your big currency holder you’ll see a great good, thanks, but need as much.

Now, let’s go back to the other R than the restitutional and reclamational  allowance – . This is a number that is more oriented toward the debt forgiveness toward the taxes that you pay your birth certificate trading you your marriage license trading, what they did on your marriage license, any death certificate that applies to you that they traded on any divorce decree that they traded on they bet on whether you get divorced and how long and all that good stuff. Those things were for bonds on our lives that were traded on us.

Now, you will get back that plus your taxes you pay federal taxes. I don’t think you’ll get your state back but you’ll get your Federal Bank, personal federal income tax, you’ll get your interest that you paid on mortgage mortgages on other bank loans on car loans, and credit card interest. All of that stuff they know your social security number – They know how much it was. It’s all been re calculated and calculated and you will make interest on some of that money.

They’ll actually make the interest – so that will pay out in for people that are getting people that are in the age of I believe it’s either 62 and older or 60 and older.  It will pay out in three equal payments.

Starting in   actually starting in late October, I believe it starts in the fourth week of October. So whatever that total is, there’s gonna be a big number. It’ll be a big number.

But in that retirement group age, it’ll pay three months, the same amount as October, November and December. And I think October, if I remember right, is going to be around the 27th or 25th of October. So the same day should pay approximately when he picked up October 25 of November and 25th of December, which happens to be Christmas Day. So Christmas so that’s a chunk. It’s going to be a big joke.

Now there are other amounts that’d be paid for younger ages in the 50 to 60 age group. they’ll get their payment over 12 months – paid out so much a month for 12 people in the 30 to 50 age group. We’ll get it paid out similarly to an annuity over 15 years. 15 years, and it’s paid monthly for 15 years.

But there are some caveats to it. Like you have to be employed. You have to be working a job still at least 30 hours a week, part time or more to get those benefits. Okay, so the idea is we have to keep working, we have to keep we’re gonna keep working, but we’re going to work in projects and things that we want to do we want to see you know the country rebuilt, we want to see America rebuilt, we want to see the world helped and brought up to a higher standard of living, all those things that we’re getting involved with, with our projects. Okay, and there’s so many projects that have been created by big call universe that is just gonna blow their minds. I think when they see those and they see those coming together. It’s really amazing.

Let me see if there was anything else that was on my mind. as far as that goes. timing for us now. we always to go to the bondholders into tier three, and then we go tier four bondholders  I’m hearing, and this information came tonight just before the call –  So this is new, is they’re supposed to get their notifications of liquidity Over the weekend, quite possibly on Saturday.  Okay, so that would finally give them access to funds Saturday – or throughout the weekend. but we’ll see what happens with that.

Now we are tracking closely to that. We’ve been told again, right. They call I get this call, and it’s coming out of Geneva through what I call Uber paymasters upper level paymasters are saying to our regular paymasters, Wells Fargo are saying that we are going to be notified either Saturday or Monday afternoon Which is weird, but that’s the latest we had heard. we get notified after five o’clock sometime tomorrow. But that sees it more and is now looking at Saturday notifications or Monday afternoon notifications.

and then depending on what time you get it we either start Monday or Tuesday or in time on Saturday, we could theoretically start Saturday, and go right through Sunday, but as it is now – We don’t know which is gonna be, again, Saturday or Monday afternoon. But that’s what we’ve got. That’s what we’re working with.

Beyond that you guys are trying to think if there was anything else, I can tell you. They are trading the rates up. Iraq did what they needed to do. They’re all good to go. They’ve already been sending out hydrocarbon law funds on the on the profit sharing, if you will of the oil and gas in Iraq.

They sent that out they’re paid back pay on their parts and realize if you’re an Iraqi citizen, you’re paid in dinar Iraqi American citizen, they translate the amount of dinar to the amount of US dollars, or us in. So we know some that have already received.

In fact, one of us is HCl money last Sunday and other Iraqi citizens that Iraqi Americans have received it like this week. Like really really close. So it’s it’s happening and things are getting worse. They Oh, I know what I was going to talk about, you know, the EAS, AWS and even in some cases EBS announcements that went out yesterday to 18 pm Eastern time. Okay, that was a test.

And my understanding was that, that that was sort of a launch point. So many hours from that we would start moving these funds for the bondholders and then to us so that’s good that went on. I know there’s still more cleanup to be done. But the majority of it, they’ve got knocked out and they’ve got I don’t even want to go into it all the tunnels.

I think that is pretty much everywhere. That we thought it was needed to be so good to hear that. I think it’s just a matter of us getting through the week.

And maybe we get notified Saturday, maybe it’s Monday afternoon, but either way we go we’re definitely moving forward this final result for us. Looking forward to starting and getting going like you guys are for sure. I’m really looking forward to it now.


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