Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-14-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 12-14-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It’s Thursday, December 14th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in. Again, thank you sat team for getting all out all around the globe.

People are getting it and hearing it in their own language in about three seconds after I say it so that’s really terrific technology. Thank you sat team for putting that together – getting it out there for everybody. Everybody else that’s hearing me in English on free conference call – Welcome. Thank you for coming in again.

Let’s go into some intel. Let’s see what we have tonight.   Now I received some information yesterday from a trusted source that gave us kind of a window that took us all the way to Sunday.

Between anytime – you can go anytime between now and Sunday, which is the  17th – I thought all right. Okay, good. Then we get something else today that extends it for a couple of days. There’s no it’s more likely to be between now and Tuesday the 19th.

I thought all right. Okay, two days  we can live with two days. All right. Then on this call tonight, which was good intel from a very trusted source and a treasury representative. We’re talking we’re really looking at us to be notified on Monday.

Which is the 18th and exchange on the 19th  if I have my dates right. Monday into Tuesday is what looks like is going to happen to tier 4B – that’s us. The Internet Group – the bond holders – I said 16,000 can see the funds in their account, but they don’t have access to it yet.

It looks like they will gain access to those funds Sunday and Monday  – and bondholders will be paid out all the way through and through and beyond Christmas. It ought to be close  They ought to be done pretty much by Christmas. We – that start let’s say – Monday with notifications – Tuesday with exchanges. – I think we will go through Christmas.

I believe the redemption centers will take Christmas day off, which is the date which is Monday the 25th and I believe they’ll leapfrog over it and they’ll continue on 26 all the way through the end of the month.

That’s what I forecast will happen with the redemption centers. But they did say they intend to get the started before Christmas and it looks like that’s what is going to happen.

We just need to let those email notifications from Fargo servers come into us with the toll free number and that this point we’re hearing that will happen on Monday.

And today’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, four days away. We should get her notifications and then set appointments and start on Tuesday. That is the plan as it has been laid out  to me.

 So you have basically that’s what we’re looking for. When are we going to start? When are the numbers going to come out? When are we going to center appointments and when are we going to start exchanges that covers the majority of everything that we are looking forward to hearing.

And when you have a window that is three or four days and you have another window, extending it two more days and now you have basically the time given for expecting it through the redemption centers. And I think we’re good to go

Now realize this. The Redemption center rates on their screens will be the best rates available they will be the best rates if you try to just say well, I’m just gonna go to this small mom and pop bank  – You’re not gonna get the big rates. You’re not gonna get the rates that President Trump wants us to have

So even if you’re only a dinar or dong holder, you don’t have zim still call the toll free number because the races you’ll get on those currencies will be the highest as well. And there’s a vast difference between the redemption center screen rates and that of the banks. Even the tier one banks are not a match up.

They just aren’t – our guys at the redemption centers see all the rates on all screens. And they know what the bank rates are. They know what all the rates are and we get a review of those from time to time just to keep us up to speed.

So what you want to do is you want to get the best available rates. We know we’ve got new NDAs probably two page I think two page NDAs there is that 55 page booklet of who not to give money to if you do you’re most likely have your funds seizes – the funds will be frozen and quite possibly seized – they’re going to tell you who don’t you give it to who not to give it to so you better take a good look at that booklet before you start giving money away

Today is Thursday. We’re looking to get notified Monday should be our last call, as far as we can tell. And don’t be dissuaded by certain things that you might read online.

Because I can tell you this is pretty solid. Now did we think it was going to happen by now? By today or by the 15th? Yeah, we did.

But I know that they’re still in the midst of doing cleanup, and getting everything ready. They’re even through the point now where they’re going through redemption center staff to make sure they’re all playing, doing the right thing. And they have had some hiccups in that area yesterday. So they’re ready for us I believe. I believe political change is coming. Possibly by the weekend.  We’ll see and stay in prayer for that –

Otherwise, I’m gonna say Merry Christmas everybody. And we will definitely catch you on the other side.

So we’re going to be in touch with you able to do so if we have your email address. We will let you know when we have a podcast, a special call to update you on our projects, how you can participate. What that’s going to look like.

Let’s do get through Christmas and New Year’s holiday and through Hanukkah. And let’s get through the other side and we will be in touch with you. That’s what I have to say tonight. everybody. Thank you for listening Let’s go ahead and pray the call out.

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