Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 7-27-23 


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 7-27-23 

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday, July 27th  and you’re listening to the big call. Appreciate everybody that’s tuning in, around the globe. On Tuesday, we had 8.2 million confirmed listeners. And I don’t know how many replays anywhere from a half million on up in replays. But that was in 102 countries. And tonight, I’ve been told because of the twin servos that have been installed, we’ll be able to track eight different Starlink satellites and beam the call out to 179 countries tonight, right now, listening to the big call – simultaneous translation in 1.2 seconds from what I say to what you hear. So I’m excited about that. Excited about the reach and excited about the team that’s putting that together.

So let’s talk about the Intel.

Let me tell you guys what I’m hearing. Sue is going to be listening in – taking notes because this is really some good stuff – I’m trying to remember everything without interruption. Let’s see if we can do this.

All right, the first part is we got some information from two bond pay masters and they have received information directly from Geneva where a lot of the bonds have been dealt with and paid out of.

So there’s a thing called inter mediate funds – or introducers funds –  these are Commission’s that are paid to bondholders that have helped another person get their bonds hypothecated – getting it’s like they make a commission on other people’s bonds that they introduced to the system to have them handle.

Well, bondholders that are receiving those introducers commissions will receive emails to say that they have those funds available. They will receive the email for that on the 31st of July which is Monday – that will give them access to 100% of those introducers commissions on Tuesday, the first of August.

Now the regular bond fund and there’s a change in here. Let’s see if you guys pick it up.

The regular bond funds that the paymasters are dropping into the bondholders accounts for bonds sellers accounts –  they will be notified about those on the first of August which would be Tuesday, and they will have access to –  wait for it —  10% —  not 1% —  10% of their total bond funds on Wednesday. The second of August.

Now, that’s a change from to go from 1% to 10% –  that is huge. That is supposed to last them for the first 60 days and I’m sure it will.

Okay. Now what’s also interesting about that is we have been told that the shotgun start we’ve referred to in the past would have a 12 hour or up to a 12 hour time difference between the time that the bond holders get those emails for liquidity –

Okay and I’m gonna say the intermediaries it’s the full bondholders getting that and us setting our appointments.

Because remember, they’re supposed to be essentially given the email to give them access funds, and we’re supposed to be getting our emails to set up our appointments to go into our exchanges, that those two should occur within 12 hours of each other. So that’s really very interesting.

Now.  I’m going to explain it in good detail that for the bondholders is giving them access to 10% of their total bond funds on Wednesday. email to them should come on Tuesday.

Okay, the first that they should have access to funds on Wednesday, the second of August.

Now, we could be following a timeline parallel to this.

I’m going to back up a minute and say we heard from a very, very high military source that is well connected to this process. He is telling us that we could get notified between now let’s call it tonight or tomorrow, let’s call it tomorrow and Monday, the 31st –  we could be notified anytime within that

Another source is telling us This is where the redemption center is telling us that we initially he said We notified over the weekend. And now I believe he is saying we could be notified by the end of the month.

Now when I heard 28th 29th  I thought or even 30th  as I thought they’re not going to start us on this probably until the first of August.

And I say why? Because I believe that even though NESARA is supposed to be kicking in any day now fully with the full asset backed currency of the USN that we have digitally in place. And by the way, our accounts are currently mirrored into the quantum financial system.

My understanding is that as of the first of August, they will no longer be mirrored but be completely integrated as part of the quantum financial system. Fully asset backed that we have now, right now before we exchange – anything we have the banks is protected and asset backed by the USN which is assets backed by the gold, silver and other metals, precious metals and other assets held by the US Treasury. I’m going to call it the Restored Republic Treasury.

Okay, so we’ve heard the financial system that started the night before last midnight to fully integrate, globally, was completed last night.

They had a 24 hour period to get all banks Basel three compliant And if they weren’t 12:01am This morning or one minute after midnight last night – The thinking is that they are no longer part of the process, and essentially would close we had in the order of 360 banks in the Southwest US close – so far we know about today. And I’m sure there’ll be many more.

We don’t know what the total ramifications or repercussions are on bank closures per se – But – to be Basel three compliant – So remember that some banks are Basel four compliant, they’ve gone further than what was required by now. But these banks globally have had two years to become Basel three components. Some did, some didn’t. And the ones that didn’t, are going to be closed.

Now an interesting side note – Chase Bank is changing their signage now – on their bank to go from Chase to Chase Financial Services – that’s on the outside where they have room for that signage.

Sign people are coming in in about a month or so to put permanent signage up lighted signs. Now inside the chase banks, you’re going to have Chase Wealth Management and Financial Services. That large sign could be placed inside the bank, wealth management and financial services.

But outside of the bank, it should change from Chase to Chase financial services. I think that’s interesting. and that should occur to approximately 90% of the Chase Bank Branches  that are still currently in existence – 90% for that changeover.

So  the financial system is being fully integrated into the quantum financial system – tied to the FinTech – tied to the CIPS – tied to the Starlink satellites. So all of these things finally coming together and giving the USN its chance to have full asset value.

Now we’ve been trading our USN digitally with other countries and we have seen where Iraq the Iraqi dinar has been trading up and up and up. Very very pleased with where the rate is showing on our front  banks screens –  the dinar and I’d say last several days, the Vietnamese Dong is also trading up into a decent range. That’s a very well paid to see and know that on the front screens.

And we don’t talk much about the zim we’re not really supposed to. I can just tell you as I’ve said before, for those who have projects with the Zim projects for humanity, you’re looking at a one to one relationship or on par with the USN – so that’s going to be very well placed for those that have projects to go into – humanitarian projects the funding,

So we shall see how all that comes together –  Now I think that we could get over the weekend, all the way up to the 31st which is Monday.  We will probably know what’s going on by Sunday afternoon.

I’m not quite sure what that means. But what I’m thinking is if they’re not going to pay the paymasters until the first and second, okay of August – I would think we would start around the same time.

That’s all I’m saying. We could get notified over the weekend. But it might not be until the 31st or the first which is Monday is the first that actually get started on Tuesday, the first – Now, the same individual also said the real president will be back in office On August 1.

So we’ll see how that goes. That’s highly expected looking forward to it. And I think we’re really getting probably the start of NESARA as of August 1st .

Now I can tell you this about restitution and reclamation allowance. It is supposed to start in the first week of August – no specific date, but in the first week – I can tell you if you’re 60 years or older, you have an option of getting that restitution allowance which will be significant either as a lump sum, which that’s what I would choose personally or you could take it over 10 years. That’s for  60 and older.

And to my understanding that age group is the only age group that can actually take it as a lump sum payment.

Younger than that, I believe they will still pay out but it would pay out over 10 years. I’m not sure if that’s so much a month, every month for 10 years, or whether it comes out once a year for 10 years. I’m not sure how they’re going to that hasn’t been made clear.

As far as getting an Increase in social security –  like we talked about – taking this all up to, I believe it was 4955 some 1000 5000 if you’re older and you put in more, I believe that is supposed to start In August – but we don’t have it absolutely confirmed –  but it’s supposed to {put this in quotes}  Supposedd to start in August.  

So let’s see what they do on that. We’re not going to have to worry very much about that believe it or not the   the restitutional and reclamation allowance is going to be significant for a lot of people, There are 17 different factors that enter into that instruction.

And I can only think of maybe half a dozen other it’s your birth certificate that was traded Your Marriage Marriage license, so the death certificate was traded – divorce decree that was what was also traded as it as a financial instrument those four I know of –

You’ve got taxes that you paid back at age 16 for me, it’s also including interest that you pay on mortgages, interest paid on credit cards, interest paid on bank loans, car loans, and there’s several more. That’s not all of them, but that’s the ones that I’m thinking of that I can come up with. So those will be significant. amounts.

So I’ve been told that this would be my last call. And it sounds like it should be.

Now to be fair, I’ve heard that before. And here I am. So is this the final big call – I think quite possibly it is. If the Intel which I think is terrific that we received today holds up.

I think we’re all going to be very happy campers at the end of this month. And at the very beginning of August and I’m excited about that.

Thank you listeners tonight In a special big call, with 179 countries being reached around the globe. We appreciate you and we thank you. I’m going to say that let’s just stay tuned and see what develops between now and the end the month. And then we’ll go from there. Okay.


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