Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 10-3-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 10-3-23

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Tuesday October 3rd, and you’re listening to the big call. I don’t know what our reach is tonight as we try to speak to the big call universe throughout the globe – we will always find that out a day or two after the call. But whoever is hearing my voice – Welcome – Thanks for tuning in, and for being part of big call universe

Okay, so let’s talk about where we stand now and when the Intel is taking us – Jeanie mentioned it’s today that is Iraq’s Independence Day.  They did make an announcement this morning about their independence and declaring themselves a sovereign state – again on this day –  they did not did not mention at this point that they have a newly revalued currency. That announcement is coming.

But they are starting to pay back to well they paid contractors pay and they’ve also paying on the HCL Law –  The oil and gas law. They’re paying out the profit sharing throughout the country to the citizenry in Iraq, for the oil and gas that they’re pumping out.

And so this HCL it turns into real money fast because they’ve paid people that we know have already received it. And some people receive it tomorrow. At 10 o’clock. I mean, they’ll have access to it at 10am and others of them might get it the next day.

So they’re staggering it out a little bit, but they’re paying that and they’re paying back pay for other things that are more retribution type benefits. I think they’re paying those out as well. So Iraq is rolling.

I don’t know if the dinar rate is going to come out in the Gazette or not tomorrow, it really doesn’t matter. Because I think from our point of view, they’re doing everything that they said that they were going to do and bringing it out including their budget and all of that good stuff.

Right should be in the budget. So if that comes out in the Gazette, great, if it doesn’t, kind of make or break us.

Now – The other things that are happening, let’s talk briefly about something that I think Jeanie brought up in her praise report tonight. And that was what’s going to happen tomorrow.

We talked about on the big call at least a week ago, maybe longer, like about a week ago about the idea of a disruption of service cell phones, internet and  satellite television.

However, I find out today and that was going to be from one o’clock Eastern to 2:02 Eastern, so an hour and two minutes from 1PM to 2:02 in the afternoon tomorrow.

Now, one of our sources is saying that he believes that he’s very well tied into everything. He believes that that is going to be only for the deep state that it would not affect all of us. But it affects the deep state and they know who they are.

And they know you know their cell numbers, they know everything. And so that way they can do a final cleanup on aisle four or five and six on those individuals – during that time.

That is what I’m going to go with believing that should be the case. Now there’s a separate thing that happens at 1:20pm Eastern time tomorrow.

So if you’re on central it would be 12 Let’s see. No no, check that to 2:20 here. That’s what I just said 2: 20 PM. Thank you 2:20pm is when the testing of the EAS – EBS and EWS  which EWS is emergency wireless system.

Those three are theoretically merging and be an actual test that takes place after the Starlink system has fully integrated or self service, our  internet and our satellite TV.

So that Starlink system is supposed to interconnect all those things and bring us back cell service at 10 G and bring us back internet 100 times faster than it is now by using the Starlink satellite system.

So we’ll see how that goes tomorrow – but the test itself at 2:20pm. Eastern time. – That test might be more than a test. It could be an announcement of some kind, and we’re not sure what it might be about. Exactly. So maybe it’s just a test. Or maybe there’s an announcement that is tied to it.  Okay, we’ll see what that is.  We’ll see how that goes.

So that’s about tomorrow’s test window. And again, if there’s a disruption of service, it  hopefully will not affect us as a whole. But just the deep state that they’re, they’re tracking.

Now, beyond that. Let’s go to our timing –  bondholders – You know, we tend to watch what happens with tier three, the bondholders – because we know that we’re essentially following them in this case –

Tier three bondholders have been called by the bank – in this case Wells Fargo to go in to do the essentially start over with the KYC type information the Know Your Customer stuff, to get pictures made – to get biometric fingerprints done – to sign off with final signatures in the case of the this was in the case of the Chinese dragon bonds.

And by doing that, they’ve got their credit cards or really their debit cards I guess, ready to go. And we’re hearing that those modelers some of whom we know are going to be called tomorrowl afternoon or emailed tomorrow afternoon.

And we think that that call or email will give them access to funds when they receive that call or email should have access tomorrow afternoon.  When that occurs, now that sets us up.

I don’t know that this plays into it or not. But the Iraqi citizens and Iraqi Americans since which we know are supposed to have access to air funds from the HCL law tomorrow at around 10 in the morning.

We’ll see if that. If that happens for them, we’ll find that out.

But we did speak to one of the absolute top Wells Fargo sources all the way up all the way up the totem pole to the top. And he said yesterday that we should get our notifications and tier 4B  tomorrow around noon.

Now another source who happens to be with the redemption center of Wells Fargo said to us today that we should look for our notifications anytime between 11 in the morning 11am and 1pm tomorrow.

Now if we hear this from another source, if we don’t give them then which it does look good for us tomorrow noon, somewhere around noon to 11 to one — .

If that doesn’t happen tomorrow, we should look for them to come out either tomorrow afternoon or evening or by Thursday morning. And exchanges would start obviously, if it’s late tomorrow afternoon.

We’re going to start on Thursday anyway. If we get around 11 to one, there’s a very good chance  we’ll start exchanges tomorrow. They only need about two hours. Let’s say we got it at noon – And we call  and set our appointments. First appointments could be as early as2 – 2:30 in the afternoon.

And some of these redemption centers are set to go to nine or 10 o’clock at night. It just depends on the demographic. How many Zim owners they know are in the area, etc, etc.

All kinds of variables. But I don’t think it’s going to be too late to go tomorrow afternoon evening if we get notified between 11 am and 1 pm tomorrow.

So we’re going to keep an eye out for the EAS   emergency alert system, Emergency Broadcast System or C wireless system –  we’ll keep an eye out for that timeframe at 2:20pm tomorrow afternoon now, obviously that’s Eastern time.

So central would be 1:20  – Mountain would be 12:20 and then Pacific would be 1120 in the morning. That’s when we think those tests will all occur based on Eastern time.

Let’s see where else we want to go with that —  I did see something that was brought to my attention that I realized was not true. And that was rates. Rates were bought out again and you guys know I don’t really talk specifically on rates. But I can tell you what was put out is way off we’ve got very strong rates on dinar and Dong well into double digits.

And actually if you are offered a contract rate on dinar even if you are a zim holder, you can still for what the latest is they don’t change it the latest says you could have access to the contract rate on the dinar which is very, very high. Just telling you so if they don’t offer it, which they should but if they don’t, and your Zim holder, you still can ask about it.

And they know what it is and it’s on the screen and we know where it is and we know where it tops off the maximum amount. It’s an incredible deal.

A lot of the currencies are in the same relative range, like the Afghani Afghanistan Afghani, the rupiah  and the Bolivar and even the shekel and the Argentine peso, etc

This is a call I was looking for — – I’ll take this real quick — Hold on

That was not the call I was expecting that was another call. But did confirm. It did confirm the timing that I said about notifications tomorrow.

So we should be good on that. And I’m looking forward to everything transpiring.

This is an incredible time for us. Theoretically I what we’re hearing, I’m just telling you what I’m getting you guys.  Everything is ready to go. We’ve heard that – We’ve also heard that tiers one, two and three are active. we told you about the bondholders being active and getting access to funds tomorrow afternoon. And I think we are right alongside them, getting ready to get notified that appointments can start exchanges. hopefully as early as tomorrow afternoon evening. Okay.

 But guys, this has been a really good ride. Let’s hope that we’re at the end of it. We shall see they have pushed us back a couple of days. We heard last Thursday, and Friday. And so we’re really on good track. Let’s stay with it. Stay positive. And let’s look forward to this happening and coming through for us.

We will be in touch with you by email. Okay. so that’s what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight. I’m excited about this. It’s looking good. let’s do this. let’s pray the call out and then we’ll go away.


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