Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-12-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-12-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight.  It’s Tuesday, December 12th and you’re listening to the big call. I’m glad to be back physically and  every other way on the big call tonight, looking forward to having a nice short call tonight. Nice short call. And so let’s do this. As you guys know, we welcome everybody for wherever they are around the globe. There’s a pretty good chance out today of getting the call out all around the globe thank you to our Starlite Team –  as our team that is working with the satellites, the starlink satellite system. Thank you, sat team for helping us to do that  to get the word out.

All right, that sounds good, Bob, thanks so much for that look alright let’s cut to Intel. Today is the 12 days we’re only 13 days or less than two weeks away from Christmas. Now they had said that we should have this blessing, prior to Christmas.

I believe they are Right I believe that’s going to happen sooner than Christmas. Everything that we’re getting yesterday and today is pointing toward this happening – Very soon, based on what information we got yesterday from Treasury to the redemption centers – we have schedules for the next eight or nine days in most jurisdictions. Some will go longer some will go actually shorter because there’s not as many zim holders in certain parts of the country as there are in others –  that’s gonna be the criteria for keeping the centers open for as long as they need to

When the redemption of the zim  is complete – they think they know who has the zim — they believe they know who has all the currencies, except what they don’t know is who gave them to other people that they’re not sure of –  they’ll find that stragglers come in with one or two notes to exchange .

We’re hearing is pointing toward  like the very last steps being taken place now at redemption centers for identification of staff people with their pictures and their biometric fingerprints and the new NDA and all of that stuff. All that has been happening for the last two days and should complete It should be completed. Anytime now.

If that’s the case, which we believe it will be – If that’s the case, we should have our notifications coming out sometime tomorrow, sometime Wednesday, with the likelihood of setting  appointments  Thursday is very high,

I don’t know that we would start as early  as tomorrow evening  for exchanges – but I know that its likely that we would set appointments at least and start on Thursday – Thursday is the 14th and there’s been an effort to try to get all of this done on or by the 15th of December –

So we are right at the precipice of this happening and I think everything for the most part – I know we had a lot of the bad guys picked up that they wanted to have out that  two days ago at least maybe three we were at 83% of who they wanted to have removed – so they probably still continuing to do that – and should do that a little bit longer –

Bondholders  That’s over 16,000 bondholders  that could  see money in their account, are waiting for the final  email, or text – or phone call to come to them – and say they have access to it –

They probably won’t have access to either tomorrow or Thursday –  one of those is my guess probably  is Thursday –  they have been waiting just like  we have –

I know that things have moved for the admiral’s group forward since last week, almost a week of super whales were paid out. Whales were paid out – now  may have held down to the rank and file the normal accounts in the admirals group – not quite sure what the protocols to be it should be really,  running pretty closely really to what we are getting for us

I don’t think they are going to be that much ahead of us if at all. And we’ve got quite a few people still in tier four A – I mean tier 4 B – even though these are for be excuse me, the Internet Group even though we did clean up some people that needed to be clarified or removed from the group. Everything’s moving forward though.

And I think we’re looking at getting this done and having a wonderful Christmas moving into the new year with Prosperity. And I can’t tell you guys remake what we thought was a deadline on restitution reclamation allowance I was so called R & R  or at least for the seniors  the 62 and older. We were told to be between 7th and 13th .

I think that’s cutting it a little close. Because Tomorrow is the 13th . So I’m not sure of that  – so that’s what we’re going to try to find out before the call  –  but I could not to get that information clarified. So we just have to look at that and when it does.

But I think we’re going to see blessing manifests here very shortly and I’m looking forward to that as you all are.

And I want to say I hope that everyone is prepared to move forward with the projects that they’ve that they worked on – the presentations that they’ve created, taking them to the redemption centers, I believe we will have all new non disclosure agreements, I believe they are going to be two pages and we’ll see what happens with that.

I did hear we would be able to move a pretty significant amount of funds into our primary bank accounts from our quantum accounts, but I think we had, I believe we have some restriction of 1.6 billion into each LLC or structured structure that was tied to our bank account. And now I think they put that over to about 2 billion.

So if you had one or two LLC, you could move 4 billion into those two LLC accounts, the LLCs are named as the account for the bank and you can have multiple obviously multiple accounts for your different projects – I told you I already had  four different LLCs already created for four different bank accounts for Wells. I’m going to use that. See how Wells Fargo does and we’ll see I mean they’re looking to get us in and out guys in 30 minutes or 30 Minutes or Less appointment, take 10 minutes to re group and refresh and do all that and then start another 30 minutes and get another person in. And so on – there could be two or three people at one time. But depending on the redemption center or demographic depending on how many staff people they have.

You could have three or four people working with your with you and getting your situation taken care of at one time. Three to four people probably do it and then you’d have a very short time. Five to eight minutes and I’m thinking probably closer to five minutes. If we’re down to 30 minutes total to express your presentation is short, sweet way outline form so that you can get across the ideas that you have for the projects. That you want to do.

That is not five minutes per project that’s five minutes total, for everything that you plan to do.

If you have five projects, you’re gonna have maybe one day each, and I think we can do it. I know we can do it and obviously you know there’s a lot to in 30 minutes, setting up one or two new bank accounts, your credit debit cards, getting your quantum card put together where you know how to use it, to move funds into your into your Wells Fargo primary account.

There’s not a whole lot of time for you know, fuzzy type behavior here. It’s gonna be you know, in and out, boom, you’re done. You’re out. I’m gonna give you a Q- phone if you‘re a  Zim holder and if not forget it. Zim holders get priority. And then you take some cash if you want  to – the new USD is supposed to be there in packets, probably a $500 a packet – Maybe it’s more like 2500 but I don’t think they want to spend a whole lot of cash, but just get a little cash looking at the notes and get out of there – celebrate it –  don’t make a big hoopla Don’t be buying rounds of drinks at the bar. Be subtle about it –

Don’t do any of that stuff guys. It’s only gonna get the questions thrown up is who’s that guy? Is that woman? Oh, she must be money. You don’t want them to know that –

Well,  you want to keep this on the down low. Really do

I don’t think it’s wise to to even when you’re tipping – it should reasonably – be a good tipper. But don’t be crazy about it. You can figure out ways to safely donate money, give to charitable  causes. give to people one on one. All that you’ll figure that out – You know after talking with your attorney, after talking with your family office, if they do get one created for you  Wells Fargo, give that some thought that’s really important.

But don’t try to be a big shot. On day one or two after this goes. It Just won’t go well for you if you do -remember, you’re going to be under a non disclosure agreement  (NDA) at least 30 days if you’re a good person – 90 – 120 days if they don’t suspect that you’ll even keep your mouth shut. So whatever period of time you’re in an NDA is considered your private personal business. Nobody needs to know that you are in what you’ve been driving and all that good stuff. They don’t even know that.

Just saying that was the one that brought you there. All right now, that’s really short and sweet, because I can bring it tonight. I really think if everything went according to plan tonight, we should be looking at numbers tomorrow – don’t know when – morning or afternoon –  or whatever it is  we will set an appointment. We’ll go most likely Thursday. If we get them tomorrow

But that’s what I wanted to say tonight  – Let’s go ahead and pray the call out  and we will  go from there this is basically –  this SHOULD  –  all things being equal – this should be our last call you guys –   and the next communication you hear from us  would be possibly a call that is pre recorded. Put on a link that you could click on it and play at home  because I do not plan to do any more public calls.

Okay, this should be it for us – If we don’t talk to you on the big call, between now and Christmas let me say Merry Christmas  – Happy Hanukah  to all of you,  out there in big call universe. Thank you for listening Thank you for good stewards with this blessing.

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