Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 8-1-23  


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 8-1-23  

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight.  It is Tuesday, August 1, and you’re listening to the big call. We’re going out tonight with our signal to 90 countries and the only country that has blocked us from going in so far that we know is Iraq.  Why is Iraq blocking communication from the United States? They don’t want to hear anything that is untrue from our old treasury, The Rothschild treasuries that are blocking communications from the United States, but we were in 182 countries on Thursday’s call, with over 16 million live listeners. Listen to the call live. And tonight with 190 countries, we should be pushing 16 -18 maybe more, more than 18 million tonight. So I’m excited to be here for the call tonight, and I’ve got some great Intel. So let’s see how that pans out.

Alright, here’s, here’s where we are Intel wise.

There were a couple of countries that were slow on the uptake as far as getting Base lll compliant and we had Vietnam come to the party three days ago. They got Basel three compliant and Zimbabwe, that gold back by noon yesterday. So these are Eastern Time, Eastern Time.

So it’s a good thing that Vietnam is good to go. Zimbabwe is good to go. Because that gold backing the Zimbabwe dollar is what’s going to give us our one to one with Zimbabwe. You know what I’m talking about when it comes to that –  two countries in South America were slow on getting Basel lll compliant in there by compliant limits – Brazil, a big country and one was Venezuela. But they are now Basel three compliant as of noon today.  So that’s good.

As far as we can tell by the sources that we have, everything is done on the banking front except for what might be considered political issues. And you guys know where I’m going with that. If you’ve seen anything about the testimonies that were given yesterday, on Monday that completely and I didn’t see them or hear though, but I know they took place and the partner of Hunter Biden testified and I believe that is going to set everything rolling – and I’ve heard today this evening was as a result of those testimonies that – just use the term heads will roll.

Now, let’s hope that that is the case with everything and that’s supposed to happen – when I say that supposed to happen. It should happen tomorrow. So we’re going to have to pay attention and see what comes out of that.

The Emergency Alert System, or actually the Emergency Alert is just like the alert system you get on your phone, When you’ve got an Amber Alert or weather alert, that kind of thing, right? The emergency broadcast system is being used on television and radio. And there was an EBS, there was supposed to come in last Wednesday. – Last Wednesday a week from tomorrow, And that was stopped – Believe it or not by three different computers.

One in the UK one in Virginia or places are we surprised and one in Germany. And these three computers defeated What was supposed to be the triggering of the Emergency Broadcast System. Now, they have solved that problem.

They found the people that were involved in that and taking care of them. And I am completely blown away by the numbers of people that are being arrested.

And I can’t even go deep on this but I’ve liked it but numbers you wouldn’t imagine in states that you wouldn’t think would be that high.

So there’s all kinds of things going on that we don’t see. No, you’re not gonna read about it, and you’re not gonna see it.

You’re not gonna see it on the on mainstream television. They’re not gonna bring that out. It’s not until it’s way past that these are significant numbers that are happening every day. And they’re going like clockwork. So that’s all good.

Now, here’s where we stand. We know the banks are pretty much ready to go ATM machines are being ready and loaded with our new USN currency – our new money –  that’s happening. And then we’ve got a situation with our let’s just say our lead bank. Some of the very very highest people that are leaving, are saying that we’re supposed to get notified tomorrow

And then we’re supposed to set appointments and start James on Thursday. Now, I’m only saying that because that’s what it gets. very, very top source.

because I don’t know when the heads are gonna roll. If they happen in the morning. I think there’s a good chance we should get notified tomorrow, federal requirements and start on Thursday.

All right. Now, that information is coming from more than one person. We have other redemption centers that we know the status in and available to begin taking our appointments by phone, and I have to stop and say one thing there is an individual who’s been out there a long time.

I don’t know what kind of listenership he has anymore, but he seems to be coming against the concept of the 800 numbers and redemption centers. And I’m sorry, but that’s just not the case. I mean, the 800 numbers are real. We are going to get the number may not be more than one should be one number.

We’re going to get it in an email coming from the Wells Fargo servers for call centers to be used for regional call centers to cover the entire United States and for Canada as well. Mexico maybe as well. But these for somebody who say that’s like saying that Zim is not real, or the Dong is not going to happen. Or I know that people have opinions and these, this guy has got some weird stuff.

But don’t buy that. Listen, he’s talking about getting 800 numbers to the various banks across the country out to you. That’s not what we’re talking about. Anybody can look up the 800 number for any bank now. that’s, that’s not going to help you. but I’m talking about the specific toll free number that will be used to contact the call center that will route your call to based on your zip code that you enter to the closest redemption center in that area code in that zip code rather.

Now, this is a real thing. There are people that have been training on this for years. The Redemption centers have been waiting just like we have. They’ve been going in for zoom calls, conference calls they’ve been training, they’ve done testing exchanges. All of this has been going on all over the country

We happen to know the people that are sending out the schedule for all of the redemption centers across the country. Well over 7000 So they are real. You’re not going to have to call up.

I just can’t understand somebody that’s been in this along is so contrary to what I know is true. It just blows my mind – Boy, but you know, that’s just what it is.

So when you see that or you read that, just set it aside, and you know that it’s not true. It’s bogus. This is going to happen when everything is ready from a political point of view, because the funds are supposed to be released for us and for the bondholders tomorrow night, and Thursday.

That’s what I’m understanding. So that happens, a political nightmare that’s been happening for the last three years is minimized and goes away, then we should be in much better shape – and we can go forward-

Because in the current political scene, the Chinese elders would not want to release this for us until that is minimized – until that scene is handled. And I understand that I get that. So beware of those forces are still at work to try to keep this from us. So we need to stay in prayer to pray in and speak the blessing into our lives. Literally speak it out loud, not silently. God wants us to pray out loud

That’s what he wants. And so that’s what we’re gonna do – We’re gonna pray to call out in a few minutes and that’s the attitude and that’s the stance that we’re going to take. Because everything from a banking point of view, appears to be ready.

 Our  USN is ready to go – monies have been moved to the redemption centers – They’re in the bank vaults. Certain banks have collapsed, we know that – they’re going to be going away. Some of the banks all of the well 90% of the chase banks have already started changing the name of Chase Bank to Chase Financial Services and they put that signage on the outside of the branches – and the permanent sign lighted sign guys are coming in in 30 days to put permanent signs up.

Inside the bank, Chase is going to be calling it let’s say they’re gonna be calling it Chase Wealth Management and Financial Services. That would be the kind of sign that would be inside the bank, but it’s too big on the outside that looks stupid.

So they’re only going with Chase Financial Services on the outside. And I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the banks are going to take that leap and do something similar.

And just so you know, this does not affect us, but the super whales. These are guys in tier three that have hundreds of boxes of bonds of sheet bonds and they’re worth a ton of money. But those super bond holders and those super whales, as they’re called Super whales are going to get a 10% of their total exchange of bonds, the sale of the bonds –

The 90% in their case goes to funds NESARA and GESARA  interests are and which is used, obviously for humanitarian needs.   That does not affect us.

It affects super whales, the biggest whales. And so I thought, okay, they get to keep 10%  – 90% of what they had  goes to NESARA and GESARA — – good.

Now, what was the Emergency Broadcast System announcement that was supposed to have been made last Wednesday? Maybe it was a test. Maybe it was a system wide test. I don’t know.

But it was stopped. And now they’ve got that problem remedied where it can go wherever they decide to do it. I would think we would be getting an EBS announcement on television and radio to give us some “disclosure” on a variety of things. Maybe it is eight hour segments three times a day, for however many days. It could be. It’s not 10 Days of Darkness. That’s Judy seems to slip that expression. It’s not 10 days or 12 Days of Darkness. It’s really 10 days of disclosure.

That’s what it is, the only darkness has taken place in our cities and parts in the United States that they expected to have an issue with. They’ve shut off cell service – for example and internet in areas where they were doing the arrest, or where they were taking down these individuals.

And we know that because we know based on the area codes of certain phone numbers that the phones were messed up. It wouldn’t work. Maybe you guys have had situations where your phone was just all of a sudden it wouldn’t work or it was down for a number of minutes and the Internet was down or whatever website all of that could be related to the arrests.

 And the other thing is that we should — ?? I lost my train of thought Forget it.

All right. So I’m really looking forward to getting something in the way of a notification. Hopefully, tomorrow. Now, this guy wouldn’t have said unless he believed that’s  what’s going to happen. So I know that there’s some political action that needs to take place – to placate the Chinese elders – I understand that – And we need that to happen t. We need these guys to come in. and and we need some heads to start rolling.

Believe me as far as us you know the timing, I can tell you the rates are continuing to go up. The Dong is is terrific. And the dinar is very good. Extremely good way more than we thought they were looking for like  10 – 15 % Increase in the dong  and in the dinar to take place over the next 24 to 48 hours – looking for nice increase 10 – 15 % increase – and both rates  are excellent  right now – this is coming right up the bank  screens today

Things are definitely happening. I do want to see some political change take place we need some evidence of that – and then I think we are home free – another thing going on. Okay. Let’s just  stay with it –  Now. That’s what I wanted to bring tonight. I want to go ahead and pray the call out.

And I want everybody to pray for this corporately –  meaning all of us as a body of believers – corporately that’s what it means. That being said, everybody, okay, we want to we want to speak the manifestation of this blessing into exixtence.

Oh, thank you listeners called Big call universe, all over the globe that have heard this call tonight and have a call or as many as 12 years

 All right, everybody have a great night and let’s see what happens in terms of our notifications. Possibly tomorrow. All right, let’s see what happens. Bless you guys.


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