“Coffee With MarkZ” Thursday Morning Chat 12-21-2023


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MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Welcome to the first day of Winter today…..brrrrrrrrr

Member:  Good morning, everybody hope we have a great day with some awesome news.

MZ: “Iraq pushes to shift away from dollar dependency”   they are going to need a currency- one that works internationally and carries a value…..They are telling us….we are just frustrated it’s taken so long.

MZ: We know their de-dollarization  goal is Jan 1st.

MZ: “China’s Huwei(sp?) to train Iraq’s  CMC” Communications and Media commission on cyber security. China and Russia now have close relations with Iraq.

MZ: This one is huge: From the Gold Telegraph:  “ The first ever cross border settlement for precious metals using the digital yuan Central Bank digital currency was recorded today”

MZ: We are going to have some kind of blockchain currency. It is an inevitability. It will make transactions safer and will do away with the SWIFT system.

Member: As long as its not the bad guys “Great Reset CBDC”…that’s ok

Member: Iraq is, “suspending the work of financial transfers” from 12/24/2023 through 1/3/2023? Wonder if this is important? 

Member:  Markz did Iraq begin spending that 80% yet?

Member: I feel Iraq is playing with us as a yoyo. They bring our hopes up and then down. what happened with the budget yesterday ?

Member:  Rod Steel said budget being paid in Iraq we are waiting on rate

Member: They may have their budget “spent” in contracts that take affect during these dates

MZ: Nader had a video saying “Budget was released 6 months ago” But, they have not spent much of the funds. There is still a substantial amount they need to spend this week that they have been holding until now.

Member: Iraq may be spending 80 % of their 2023 budget to flood its citizens with dinar right before the RV

MZ: That makes a lot of sense. There was a lot of backlash in Kuwait because they dod not do something similar. A lot of Kuwait people were caught without having Kuwait dinar because they were using US dollars.

Member: Holly had a good message today: This is a message to give you all hope. To not give up and to keep believing. Due to the nature of this I am not giving any details for protection. A personal friend of mine received their NDA for the group they are in. The QFS is real and they are being given instructions on how to use it. 

Member: Someone was saying the new currency will be loaded into the atms New Years Eve .

Member: TNT Tony said “Bankers are quitting” today. I wonder what that means?

Member: Wells Fargo web site had a notice this morning that all ATM’s are unavailable this morning! HMmm

Member:  Went to CHASE yesterday man behind the desk said he was aware of RV

Membr: I went to the mall. They have a currency exchange there. All the currencies except Iraq were lit up on the currency placard.

Member: So are we waiting until January now?

MZ: We don’t know that answer. It would make the most sense for us to see it before the end of the year.

MZ: Historic bond folks are still being told (as of yesterday afternoon) that they are still expected to have their 1% payment by Christmas. The original plan was for them to get their initial payment in fiat and then the reset…..and  the balance paid in gold backed currency. It appears to be playing out that way right now.

MZ: I was always told that fines and penalties, historic bonds initial payout in fiat…then we Rv….then it would reset and all would be paid in asset backed dollars…This includes us in 4a and 4b. And there would be a 10 day window for all of that to occur. …So just watch. There is a lot supposed to happen in a short period of time.

Member: I wonder if it’s still 10 days to set appointments and 30 days to exchange?

Member: Mr. C said the rv almost happened before but 9/11 happened. is there a possibility that this one will not go?

Member: They keep kicking the can while they try to cause another disaster. They don’t want the system to change…imo

MZ: It’s inevitable. They have kicked the can until there is no more room to kick it…imo

Member:  The DOW is up over 200 this morning already. Things must be good, right?

Member: The Dow now fluffed up 300 pts today….options expire tomorrow which can often we a wild day for the markets; perhaps something to keep an eye on tomorrow…. My comment on the market was based on historical patterns and trends, not tinfoil hat related.

Member:  How many dead cat bounces can market sustain???!!

Member: The market is manipulated by AI…Not sure it will ever totally crash. JMO

Member: Any truth to reports of only being able to exchange 5K at a time? Sounds ridiculous!!!

Member: I do not believe that can be true. Just another rumor.

Member:: we will find at our exchange……hope its false

Member: Please do not get discouraged if you bank says they know both about the RV. Many are under NDA or not high enough on pay scale to be in the no!!!

Member: I hope the 10 days of darkness begins sometime tomorrow and ends as 1/1/2024 begins.

Member: Think about it: Banks are closed on Sat. Sunday and Monday is Christmas. By the time this happens and we get our info for appts to exchange it’s will be ‘after’ Christmas to get our $. Just saying!

Member:  I hope you all have a blessed day

Member: Merry Christmas to everyone.


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