“Coffee With MarkZ” Tuesday Morning Chat 6-6-2023


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ Monday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Happy Taco Tuesday again. Where do the days go? Enjoy your day!

Member: Are the Iraq people sick of Ground hog day yet!

Member: they have to be because the rest of the world sure is!!!!

Member: Mark is there a back wall date?

MZ: There isn’t a back wall date but I know what their targets are. And, things appear to be well on track for meeting them.

Member:  Iraq was supposed to vote today, now it’s Thursday.

Member: Happy “National Yo-Yo Day” today everyone.

MZ: At least they have it scheduled now….That’s an improvement.

Member: A scheduled vote is at least tangible progress towards our end goal. I don’t understand the full connection between the US Treasury and the Iraqi RV but the IMF is pushing hard for the process to end.

Member: At this point, the delays in them voting on the budget HAS to be on purpose… Like they are being told to delay. it seems to be in 2 to 3 day increments, almost, every time

Member: not holding my breath that Iraq passes it on Thursday ….believe it when it happens ….way too many times they cried wolf.

Member: Thought CBI was bragging about being able to set the rate without the budget?

Member: I really think Iraq will go alone……along with BRICS nations…..because the US is so full of graft and corruption…..they not letting the US go….

Member: I wonder how does taxes work if IQD goes by it’s self?

MZ: If Iraq goes by itself. Based on and according to documentation and a treaty with the state department…. it is showing NO TAXES ON IQD. So if this is correct it doesn’t matter if it goes alone as it still will not be taxed.  So, I do not think it will be …but be prepared just in case.

MZ: “State Forces receive draft budget and parliamentary signatures to pass it this week”  Some of the main stream news says it will be voted on this Thursday.

Member: I always believed we would receive Redemption notification on a Thursday

Member: Iraq’s parliament is supposed to go on vacation 6/9 and was told they can’t go until the budget is voted on. So, I’m thinking it will definitely be this week. Not sure when the rate will come out.

MZ: Bond folks have not received dollars yet.  But even in Europe they are expecting it today. There is a tremendous amount of anticipation with my bond contacts.  In Europe right now it is still mid afternoon and they are all still there and waiting.

Membere: I thought they were all under NDA;s and couldn’t talk……guess not.

MZ: My redemption folks are expecting a very busy week this week and weekend. They very much believe it will happen this week. Somewhere over the next few days. I hope this is accurate.

MZ: WE have become so numb from the “crying wolf” that it will be a surprise no matter when it happens. I am praying they will make it happen.

Member: Some ppl say Zim value above 11 cents/ hard to believe but okay.

Member: That would still be amazing.

Member: the ibbc spring conference that is occuring on 6/16 in London. supposedly it’s all about iraq

MZ: “Swedish Banks notes useless abroad”  They are still good in Sweden. You have to exchange them in Sweden. They want to stay sovereign with their currency. I think this is important because one of the things we have been looking for as Nesara/Gesara moves forward is “Sovereignty”

MZ: “Open the Books and Us Senator Joni Ernst tracked over $1.3 Billion of US tax dollars sent to China and Russia. Promises accountability for every penny”   

Member: I am excited for the experience of the redemption center meeting and walking away with mixed emotions and great fullness to God for allowing me to be a steward of his wealth.

Member: Remember we will be the Clampetts

Member: I am new….How will we know when to exchange our currency?

Member: Dinar Recaps, Chronicles, Mark, Bruce, Frank, TNT, MM, Nader and many others will let you know. ….It will be everywhere. You will not miss it. They should all show the 800 numbers and safelinks for us to make our appointments……keep watching here……you will know.

Mark Reads a “Pep Talk” toward the end. Listen to the replay to hear it all…

MZ: No Podcast tonight……I have a dentist appointment in Raleigh this afternoon. I have not scheduled one and don’t know how I’m going to feel.

Member: Everyone have an amazing day!! Good luck with the dentist Mark!!!!

Member: Thank you Mark, for keeping us informed, amused, and calm.