Economic Thoughts From Lynette Zang and Sean Foo 8-2-2023


The 3 Trillion Dollar Black Swan Event Unfolding

Lynette Zang:  8-2-2023

Japan showed the entire world how to manipulate the markets and interest rates, and now they are failing in a catastrophic way.

 It’s what I’ve been explaining for years, coming to fruition in real-time, and I’ll show you why this is a major indicator of where the global markets and therefore the United States is heading.


 0:00 Global Markets

1:31 Bank of Japan Yields

 5:12 Japanese Investors

 8:33 Carry Trade & $3 Trillion Threat

12:44 Buying of Japanese Govt. Bonds

18:05 Spot Gold Market

20:40 Self-Sufficiency & Independence

Treasury Tsunami Coming – U.S. Deficit Spending A Big Disaster

Sean Foo:  8-2-2023

A massive treasury dump is coming and the markets aren’t prepared for a tsunami of bonds hitting. While the US government spending is nothing new, they are borrowing tons of money at high-interest rates.

This creates two big problems. It could spark another banking crisis as well as create an even bigger inflation crisis down the road. Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 US National Debt Explodes

2:03 Deficit Spending Crisis

4:28 Banking Crisis 3.0

6:41 The Big Risk Building!

 9:03 Inflation Nightmare Will Come

11:57 We Must Prepare