Economist’s “News and Views” Sunday 11-19-2023


How Banks Work and What They’re Not Telling You [Updated for 2023-24]

Taylor Kenny:  11-19-2023

The shocking reality behind your hard-earned cash! When you entrust your money to banks, you expect security, but the truth is unsettling.

Currently, banks in America are playing a risky game with your funds, aiming to boost their profits without proper oversight.  

Your money is on the line, and it’s crucial to grasp how banks operate with it. Arm yourself with knowledge to safeguard your finances!

0:00 Banks Are Gambling With Your Money

 00:54 What Do Banks Do With Your Money

1:50 Banks Need Your Deposits

4:35 Where The Money Supply Comes From

 6:18 When Things Go Bad

7:08 Derivatives

8:24 FDIC

 10:36 Move Outside The System


Greg Mannarino:  11-19-2023

Rafi Farber: Rate Hikes are Over, Silver Responds

Arcadia Economics:  11-19-2023

It took a year and a half, but the rate-hiking cycle that began in March 2022 is finally over. Rate cuts are now being priced in to Fed futures, and one bank is even predicting 275 basis points of cuts next year.

But even that “extreme” prediction probably isn’t extreme enough, because the second we hit the next financial crisis, rates will probably drop right back to zero.

And we will most likely hit that crisis when remaining liquidity dries up in just a few months.

As the reality of no more tightening sunk in, gold and silver stocks exploded higher this week. If they reacted so strongly on the realization of no more rate hikes, imagine how strongly they’ll react when the Federal Reserve cuts right back down to zero.

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