Economist’s “News and Views” Thursday 11-23-2023


My Emergency Thanksgiving Market Update – The Convergence of Crises

Mike Maloney:  11-23-2023

What is it that has prompted Mike Maloney to interrupt his Thanksgiving holiday and create a new presentation? In a nutshell, it’s the ‘Convergence of Crises’:

The USA is facing three absolutely massive bubbles in Real Estate, Stocks, and Bonds. Which one will pop first?

How does it compare to 2008? What has happened recently to make Mike believe that 2024 ‘should be a historic year’?

Join us today as Mike lays out the data that impossible to ignore.

Thank you for sharing with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

Next Crisis Bigger Than a World War, It Would Bring Entire System Down Warns David Morgan

ITM:  11-22-2023

Sound money advocate David Morgan joins Daniela Cambone to discuss the Argentine election, the Dutch Central Bank preparing for a gold standard, bank failures, CBDCs, cyber attacks, and maintaining gratitude this Thanksgiving.


 0:00 David Morgan

1:58 Argentina Election

 5:23 Ending the Central Bank

8:06 Gold Standard

13:14 CBDC

19:58 Gold and Silver Price

 25:33 Giving Thanks!

How Your Wealth Is Being Robbed And What You Can Do About It | Jeff Booth

David Lin:  11-22-2023

Jeff Booth, founding partner of Ego Death Capital, discusses how the government is stealing your wealth and what you can do about it.

0:00 – Intro

2:56 – Election in Argentina

5:20 – Bitcoin vs. our current system

26:16 – AI and tech news

39:20 – Debt and monetary problems

 41:20 – Deflation and abundance

50:34 – What is Bitcoin?