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US rule is over! Germany offers 7 billion euros to invite China to fix the Nord Stream II pipeline!

DeepIn Moments:  9-27-2023

Hello and welcome to Deepin Moments:In this video, we delve into the Nord Stream Pipeline, a significant natural gas conduit jointly constructed by Russia and Germany.

This multi-billion euro project has played a vital role in ensuring a stable natural gas supply for the European population. Historically, France and Germany, as core members of the European Union, have been known for their robust industrial capabilities, stable structures, and thriving ecosystems.

The Nord Stream Pipeline provided Germany with access to affordable natural gas from Russia, supporting its extensive industrial system and meeting the energy demands of its citizens.

However, recent events, including an explosion incident on the pipeline, have raised concerns about European energy security and geopolitical dynamics, particularly impacting Germany.

The Eurasian continent is undergoing a transformation reminiscent of historical patterns of “feudal fragmentation.” Germany’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline represents more than just an energy conduit; it signifies profound political and economic connections in this global chessboard.

Any disruption in this critical element can lead to energy supply disruptions,

LIVE. Critical Updates! Risk In This Market Is Now EXTREME! Its Time To TAKE ACTION.

Greg Mannarino:  9-27-2023

LIVE Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin


Question 1: 1:40 My problem is since I live on Social Security with direct deposit, how can I get away from the CBDC?

Question 2: 6:50 Is it time to sell all equities and withdraw all cash from Banks?

Question 3: 11:55 If the prices of metals are being manipulated by the powers that be, isn’t that to our advantage? Aren’t they keeping the price artificially low?

Question 4: 13:25 When the market collapses and gold and silver go their “fundamental” values. Do you think the official spot price will reflect that? Or do you think it will still be manipulated and the only way we will see the true price is through the black market?

Question 5: 14:10 I am considering investing in dividend-yielding stocks to produce cash flow. My question is when the US currency crashes won’t these dividends be worthless?

Question 6: 16:40 If the USD crashes, and we get new money, what would keep the price from going to $20 again? Since the new money is so strong.