Erdogan calls Al-Sudani and shows him Turkey’s willingness to work on the development path project

Erdogan calls Al-Sudani and shows him Turkey's willingness to work on the development path project

The media office of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani announced that he had a phone call with the President of the Turkish Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Friday. They discussed ways to enhance the bilateral relations between their countries.
In a statement from the office, it was indicated that during the call, Al-Sudani emphasized Iraq’s interest in establishing regional and global partnerships to support the economic growth of friendly nations, address challenges, and strengthen security and stability in the region.
The Turkish President has expressed his country’s commitment to expanding cooperation with Iraq. He emphasized that Turkey and Turkish companies are ready to participate in the development path project and contribute to this economic opportunity. This will support exchange and communication between the two friendly peoples and benefit everyone in the region.
In May last year, a conference was held in Baghdad, the capital city, to unveil the “Development Road” project. This strategic initiative involves the extension of railways and a highway to transport goods from the port of Faw to the Turkish border and onwards to Europe. Transport ministers and representatives from 10 regional countries were present at the announcement. The project is estimated to cost $17 billion.
During the meeting, the delegations discussed how to start implementing the development projects and turn the agreements between their leaders into a clear roadmap. They plan to establish joint technical committees to oversee the progress of these projects.
A project estimated at $17 billion aims to connect the southern Iraqi coast’s “great port of Faw” to the Turkish border through a network of railways and roads. This development road is expected to shorten travel time between Asia and Europe by linking the oil-rich port of Faw with Turkey, thereby making Iraq a transit center. The project is intended to compete with the Suez Canal.
The Iraqi government has plans to introduce high-speed trains that can transport goods and passengers at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. They also intend to extend the train lines to local industry and energy centers, which may involve oil and gas pipelines.
Based on the proposed plans, the primary transportation routes will connect to the prominent Fao port on the Gulf Coast. This will be achieved by revamping and building over 1.2 thousand kilometers of railways and highways that will link Iraq with its neighboring nations.