Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic Evening News for September 21st


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic Evening News for September 21st

Good afternoon,

We currently have a bloodbath phase going on in the bond markets. Once this phase is over, everything is expected to move to the upside.

Market cycles are cyclical by nature and there are normal legs up and legs down in them.

Although stocks and the commodity markets will have their ups and downs, we are approaching a long-term bull market in gold. Some say we are already in it, but I would like to see it reach 3,000 an ounce before I will make that claim.

As the cyclical trends in gold move into long-term gold cycles inside a bull market, we will be well on our way to Major shifts taking place in our economy towards a gold standard.  As we discussed a few days ago, we will be going to a very volatile period of time to get where we want to be.

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“Real-time payments software provider ACI Worldwide has partnered with Microsoft to facilitate instant payments via ACI’s Real-Time Payments Cloud (RTPC) platform.”

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BRICS: “India & UAE Continue Ditching USD in Landmark Oil Deal”

This is why Forex is changing many of their foreign currency mechanisms in trade we talked about yesterday.

Countries around the world are beginning to utilize their own currencies and backing it by gold going forward.

The movement from a fiat system to a system based on real values is coming into light.

For the next 6 weeks we are working to achieve this end through converting old traditional assets into new tokenized assets backed by commodities. As they are switched out on the Financial System, new values will begin to formulate news price patterns.

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CGI certified to support instant payments on the new nationwide FedNow® Service
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Temenos Payments Hub launches on IBM Cloud to enhance security for banks
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Digital Market Announcement:

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Inflation or Recession? CEOs Will Decide Next Month

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The UN chief summons world leaders to action. But, he says, they seem ‘incapable of coming together’

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What US Basel Endgame Means Outside of the United States 

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House Committee Passes Bill to Ban FED from Creating a CBDC


Nearly 70 countries sign historic UN treaty to protect high seas
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