Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News for July 31, 2023


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News for July 31, 2023

Good afternoon Dinar Recaps,

Goldilocks posted comments and links on the global financial system:

“Digital Yuan Being Used for Clearing Commodity Spot Trades. Industrial Bank is the first bank to incorporate digital RMB into commodity spot trading.”

Commodity spot trading is the act of buying the spot price of an asset and going long with it. You, then, sell that asset at a higher price down the road.

This tells us that the Industrial Bank expects the Digital Yuan to climb towards higher rates in the near term.

This changes the landscape of currency valuations on a global scale. The Yuan is backed by gold, and the competition between the Dollar and the Yuan is about to take center stage.

If the Digital Yuan becomes the preference of trade on the international stage, this will begin to challenge the dominance of the dollar.

China has strong economic ties with several countries and especially Asia and Africa.

These geopolitical advances of the Chinese Yuan will strengthen currencies values in the Eastern half of our world through demand-side economics.

This is why many of the countries in the East are beginning to trade in their own National Currencies and polishing up their Banking System with higher standards such as Basel 3.

Investments like these are actions that go beyond words. This is an intention to move forward with the expectation of higher values that leads to more abundance for their economy.

© Goldilocks


Banking Announcement:

“US Agencies Update Guidance on Liquidity Risk, Contingency Planning.

BySanday Chongo Kabange, Regulation Asia
Published on 31st July 2023

The guidance requires depository institutions to regularly evaluate and update their contingency funding plans, more frequently in changing market conditions.”

Do you hear what they are trying to tell us? Market conditions are changing.

We are at the beginning stages of our Global Markets going into real values.

At some point during this process, a contingency plan will arise. Our latest plan was proposed last week called Basel 3.

The transformation of our markets and banking system are about to come into view.

© Goldilocks


Chile has more lithium reserves than any other place in the world.

This bilateral agreement between the US and Chile adjusts an income tax treaty allowing trade between our countries to be more affordable.

As many of you know, lithium is needed for electronic vehicle production. This new treaty agreement will bring in more opportunities for both countries to move forward.

The Global Commodity Market going forward is the bridge into our new world.

© Goldilocks


Russia Sets to Sideline Dollar in Trade with African Countries: Report – Economy news – Tasnim News Agency


BRICS Bank Encourages Developing Countries to Ditch US Dollar


If you are watching the news lately, you will notice that we have several geopolitical issues that could make investors nervous on the markets.

All it would take is one major headline to bring the markets to a halt and suffer a decline at this point.

Someone is definitely worried about capital requirements as of late and planning for this scenario (Basel3) in the banking system, and we have major concerns about market liquidity.

Below I have given you a video to look and listen to about market crashes. You will also notice that the US Treasury is borrowing an estimated 1Trillion  dollars to cover liquidity concerns in Q3.

Look for the price of the dollar to go to a real value as the price of commodities move toward their real values during this transition.

© Goldilocks


The Gold Standard System | World Gold Council,a%20country%20which%20did%20so.


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