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Look for the Feds to continue tightening through raising of interest rates until the markets go to a real value.

This will send us into a liquidity crisis based upon a quadrillion-dollar derivatives deficit.

At this point, we will have real numbers to work with in moving forward with a reset in our economy.

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Long lines at gas pumps are unlikely, but the Middle East crisis could disrupt oil supplies, raise prices

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Iraq making progress thanks to constructive reforms

“The third positive development is linked to Al-Sudani’s launch of long-overdue reforms in the banking and finance sectors. These fundamental reforms are vital due to the fact that they will tackle corruption in the financial and banking systems and lead to financial and economic growth.”

Iraq moving to their own local currencies on the 1st of January 2024 will allow them to move forward with their banking reforms.

This will involve them moving from the dollar back to their native currency along with mechanisms in place that will tackle corruption.

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Washington, D.C. —The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Division of Market Oversight (DMO) today issued a letter extending the no-action position taken in CFTC Letter No. 22-03 regarding the compliance dates for certain amendments, adopted in November 2020, to the CFTC’s swap data reporting rules concerning block trades and post-initial cap sizes.

The letter states DMO will not recommend the CFTC take enforcement action against an entity for failure to comply with the block and cap amendments before July 1, 2024, provided the entity complies with the CFTC’s block trade and cap size requirements that were in effect on January 1, 2021.


Jim Willie: Gold, Silver To Rise To Forefront As Treasuries Break Down


Taxpayers bailed out the big banks in 2008.

Taxpayers are starting to bail out central banks in 2023.

The system is designed fair, right?



Are we going to give people permission to change?
   Are people’s past ways of thinking or saying or doing or being going to be held against them forever?
   People are waking up.  Are we willing to let people Evolve? Shift? Change?
   Nerves are frayed, patience is thin, defenses are up, and people are seeking justice & yet the truth about many things is still just bubbling to the surface to be revealed further…
   At this point.. information is all over the board.. who do you trust? who do you believe?
   No one is 100% right.. no one knows all the story or all the history or all the motives… There has been major f#ckery afoot.. but boy does lots of people have lots of different bits & pieces of the puzzle..
    Lots of people have also learned shocking new to them information about a lot of things they didn’t know or realize or even considered before.
   People are waking up to so many things on so many layers & levels. As they do that, they’re going to change their whole way of thinking & being. Are we going to let them?
   Online is so divisive right now with so much on the verge & causing so much negativity, fear, finger pointing & suffering.. preventing The People from coming together.. People are losing sight of the forest & they are getting stuck in the trees & weeds…
   As awake or aware as however many of us there are for however long as we have.. we have got to have some patience now when it’s most important, with ourselves & for others, as we all shift. As conscious awareness awakens more & more, have patience for your fellow human…
   Patience.. an 8-letter swear word. Brain breaks & heart aches & the sheer amount of disappointment & disheartening things going on right now.. are things that many of us have to remember on behalf of others is that we became aware of a lot of info over time & had some time to process but now this is coming rapid fire & building & very heavy…
   People are also changing their minds, having a change of heart, reconsidering things in a new light, caring about things they never cared about before & learning about things that suck…
   Many haven’t even had time to know that it’s going to be okay yet.. that some things have to break open & be rebuilt & we’re going to be okay because they are in it with close friendships, families, and communities all changing at the same time.  
   Can you remember the times when you learned about things that sucked? That you had to hear it a couple of times before considering it because it sucked so bad? Can you remember when you first tried to talk to others about something you learned & had dived into further, for others to dismiss it, laugh at you or label you a tinfoil hatter?  Many of us joke about it now but we had time to learn to brush off the pushback received from trying to share controversial information that was against accepted known knowledge or long-held beliefs…
  We gotta give people a bit of a break & wait & see..  it’s not instant & some previous bad guys who’ve grown a conscience are going to make great whistleblowers.
   We have to remember no one knows the whole story about anything right now & trusting your own intuition, using your common sense & critical thinking skills & remembering a perspective of the bigger picture is going to help everyone…
   Questioning is good.. but only following or believing 1 person or 1 group or 1 movement will keep people in the weeds…
   It’s not the time to take a hard line of black & white, who is absolutely right or truthful or not & wrong.. because in order to put the puzzle together this time we need to flow.. work together, dismiss egos, figure it out, work it out & expose hidden truth to put the pieces together so we can change it.
   Whoever you read, listen to, or watch..Take the bits that resonate with you & dismiss the rest.. because actual mis & disinformation is being used against The People as they discover or reveal the truths that have been actively hidden that they’ve learned of or experienced.
    Remember to pull out of the muck, exercise patience & see the Forest for the Trees


$84,500,000,000 Exits JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup in Three Months As Depositors Take Flight

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War wakes gold up

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