Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Friday AM 11-24-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Friday AM 11-24-23

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As we enter into 2024, many changes are going to come to the banking system we have not seen in a long time.  We are moving from a closed banking system where information is kept quiet to a controlled open banking system that allows information to flow from bank to bank.

This open banking system is going to be secured through artificial intelligence and smart contracts that enable transactions to take place based upon both sides of a trade being capable of finishing their contract together.

Third-party payments will be included in the new Financial System to be on a Level Playing Field along with traditional banking protocols. This is designed to bring in cryptocurrency into the mainstream Financial System.

To support these transactions and the assets that are going to be tokenized late January, we will be implementing final rules of Basel 3 on January the 16th 2024 with new operational rules to be carried out going forward.

Many legislative transitions are going to take place in 2024, and the banking system as we know it will move into Quantum Technologies that will push most people into having to learn something they have never understood before.

It looks like the transition we are looking for will begin to move at a rapid pace in 2024 and take us to the place many of us want. The question still remains for most countries will be how quickly they can mobilize these changes and work together with networks around the world at Quantum speeds and Quantum levels bringing forth multi bridges into areas of the economy not ever accessed before.

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Just recently, we have become aware that JP Morgan and Warren Buffett are selling billions of their stocks now and early next year. This will give them a significant amount of cash to invest in new Quantum Technologies that are coming into play in 2024.

Moves like this create new directions in our markets going forward. When you have institutional money and whales clearly making changes to their investment portfolios happening right now, it is important to take notice.

The movement from a stock-driven Market to a commodity lead Market through digital Technologies on Quantum levels is a reset in the making on every level of the market that affects all sectors including Forex.

We are truly living in a Time whereby movement forward is no longer a choice. It is inevitable. The trick has been trying to pinpoint the timing of this event.

Everything is a process and not a push of the button. The market reset will begin in January and take us to a new place of existence we have never lived before within it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and pray that the rest of our Holiday season is one filled with joy and abundance on levels we have never experienced before.

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Several articles are coming out this morning about banking reforms.

These new changes are designed to make room for new rules in the Forex Market along with minimizing investor risks for banks and clients.

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