Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday AM 12-21-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday AM 12-21-23

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First $14M cross-border e-CNY gold purchase was completed in Shanghai
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“The first-ever cross-border settlement for precious metals using the digital yuan central bank digital currency (CBDC), also known as the e-CNY, was recorded on Dec. 20.”

Two things happened today:
* The Chinese Digital Yuan gained functionality today on the Shanghai Exchange and International Trade.
* The Chinese Digital Yuan now has smart contract capabilities and new use cases that can be utilized as payments to move tokenized assets forward.
Today, we witnessed history in the making and a new challenge being put forth to the Dollar in International Trade. © Goldilocks


“Swap data reporting is a US obligation on swap dealers and end-users to report over-the-counter derivatives transactions to swap data repositories. Reportable derivatives include “swaps” – defined as interest rate swaps, foreign exchange swaps and forwards, index-based credit default swaps, agricultural and commodity swaps, index-based total return swaps and all options based on a rate or commodity – and “security-based swaps.”

So there we have it, swap data reporting as required by the “CFTC Approves Rule to Allow UPI Use in Swaps Reporting.” The UPI mechanism for trading includes countries such as a Iraq, Indonesia, Vietnam, the US, and more.

The use of the UPI in the reporting of OTC derivatives (foreign currency exchanges) in the US will start on 29 January 2024. Everything will be recorded and reported in the new system.

Amazingly, this start date is just one day before Protocol 20 is voting to move forward with the new digital economy that unites all Quantum Technologies around the world through the Stellar Network.

© Goldilocks
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“After receiving regulatory approval in November, Japan’s Osaka Digital Exchange (ODX) plans to start trading digital securities on Christmas Day. Today it shared the launch details of its security token venue START. During the first quarter it will offer discounted fees and just a single digital security can be traded at launch.”

And, so It begins.

It looks like Japan has begun the process of utilizing a Digital Platform in trading Securities in their country. The age of tokenized assets being traded on digital platforms has begun.

This announcement came just 2 hours ago, and their plans are to begin their trades on Christmas Day.

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SIX expands ETF franchise

SIX has launched Quote-on-Demand Europe (QOD Europe), an extension to its exchange traded funds (ETF) franchise. The product is the first pan-European exchange-traded request-for-quote (RFQ) platform.

ETF QOD Europe allows clients to trade ETFs listed on a number of European primary exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris and Borsa Italiana.

The product takes the number of ETFs and exchange traded products (ETPs), tradable at the SIX Swiss Exchange, from 1700 to 6000, complementing its existing multilateral open order-book.

Asset Servicing Times Link

👆  Goldilocks pointed to this article 

Several digital platforms are continuing to expand as we speak into more and more services across borders replacing old traditional assets on outdated trading platforms.

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Stellar: Understanding the Protocol 20 Upgrade    

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Stellar Network unveils Smart Contracts in phases

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