Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday AM 11-1-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday AM 11-1-23

Good morning,

Gold imports from Russia to Hong Kong surged by 750% from January to September 2023, compared to the same period the previous year.

There is a global gold reshuffling right now.

It is very clear,

Gold is playing a central role in the financial strategy of China and Russia.



Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government decided, today, Tuesday, to start dealing in the Iraqi dinar at all border crossings and airports, starting from the beginning of next month.
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70% of Iraq’s imports come from BRICS countries

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Paysend Announces Agreement with Western Union to Bolster Global Money Transfer Services

The Western Union Co. announced customers will be able to send money via the company’s digital service directly to Visa and Mastercard cards through an integration with Paysend, a card-to-card payments platform.

Lightspeed Commerce Inc. launched several new features including artificial intelligence-assisted menu creation, better insights into popular items, staff performance tools, and the release of its Services Module, aimed at merchants with service components.

Yardi, a property management software maker, eliminated automated clearing house fees for clients and residents using Yardi for rent payments in the United States and Canada beginning in January. More than 15 million rental units are on the Yardi platform. It also will launch a rewards program in 2024.

Old Glory Bank said its customers can donate to Code of Vets, a military-veterans group, through the bank’s Old Glory Pay QR code at the Code of Vets Web site.

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The World Bank Eyes an Overhaul Amid the Climate Crisis

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Goldilocks pointed 👆 to this article.


The U.S. Ambassador to Canada says that for a secure transition to clean energy, Canada and the United States must enhance their domestic mining and refining of critical minerals.

Countries are starting to rush for critical minerals.


Many continue to sleep on this.


Goldilocks pointed 👆 to this article also.


Protocol 20 Update:

“Soroban inches ever closer to launching on Mainnet, with the smart contracts platform now live on Testnet and the validator vote for the Protocol 20 upgrade approaching early 2024.

Soroban is built with security in mind. To further augment the platform and its cutting-edge formal verification capabilities, SDF and industry-leading security firm Certora have announced security support for Soroban.

The Anchor Platform, designed to simplify integration to the Stellar network, added a second ‘standard’ for on and off-ramping. This enhancement makes it easier for businesses to connect to the Stellar blockchain and offer their services through various digital wallets.”


Consumer Confidence Index Dips as Inflation Fears Heighten


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