Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 12-27-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 12-27-23

Good Evening Dinar Recaps,

Al-Kadhimi: Iraq’s treatment of a basket of currencies reduces the dominance of the dollar and the government with an economic battle

“The regulation of financial transactions and foreign trade enhances Iraq’s position in financial politics, and Iraq must deal with a basket of currencies in addition to the dollar gradually so that it is not governed by federal instructions in addition to reducing import.”
“The government has a real battle to address the economic situation and the political blocs are required to strongly support this trend,” Al-Kazmi concluded.   Search 4 Dinar Link


Let’s take a closer look at what’s about to happen in 2024. The banking system is going to pull money from the future into the now.

What that means is a lot of money is tied up in crypto investments inside the new digital economy by institutions, governments, whales, and people like you and me.

This reintegration into the new digital economy will create volatility for some assets to the upside and to the downside. If you are inside the right assets, you will be fine.

It all begins in 2024. If you are not in a good position, be ready to change as soon as you can. Many of the assets we have discussed in this room are good positions. Even though I can’t recommend any of them, I have talked about them.

Our transition into the new economy has been going on for some time through new legislative bills turning into laws to govern them, and the banking system is about to synchronize with these markets inside a gold standard position that will cause fluctuations across ALL markets.

This will take some time in 2024 to make these transitions convert over into a new digital economy, price changes on everything is expected to happen.

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Watch what happens with the new spot Bitcoin ETF. This is a very protected asset. Look at the companies that are wrapping their assets to it. They are well known and well flushed with money.

These companies know that Bitcoin is going to grow exponentially in 2024 and 25. It is the top asset and bridge into the digital economy.

Countries around the world are doing the same with their spot Bitcoin ETF. This is why there are meetings these past two weeks before early 2024 begins to prepare for this transition.

Gold is the underlying support asset that will make all of this possible giving real value to all of our assets and standardizing digital protocols to level the playing field among countries around the world.

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American Banker Link
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U.S. SEC Asks Firms Applying for Spot Bitcoin ETFs To Complete Last-Minute Corrections Before New Year: Report    The Daily Hodl Link


The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, December 2023 Update    Wolf Street Link


“India’s first-ever payment in rupees for crude oil purchased from the UAE is helping the world’s third largest energy consumer push for taking the local currency globally, as it looks for similar deals with other suppliers, officials said, adding internationalization is a process and there are no targets.”

The Indian Rupee is taking their local currency global along with other countries starting the first week of January 2024.

They will be trading with countries like the US, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iraq, and more.

Each of these countries has the support of gold to back their currencies going forward through Basel 3, of which, the US will begin implementing theirs on January the 16th, 2024. The rest of the list above have already started this process.

These newly implemented changes inside the new digital asset-based trading system will put price pressures on gold to support these new assets. Look for gold to be transitioning to a real value very soon to meet these new demands.

All roads lead to gold, and gold will set us free.

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Bitcoin has already priced in spot ETF approval: Expert


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