India takes the largest share of Iraq’s oil in a month

India takes the largest share of Iraq's oil in a month

On Thursday, the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO” reported that Indian oil companies were the top buyers of Iraqi oil in June.

According to a statistic published on its official website, Somo revealed that during the month of June, seven out of 33 international companies that bought Iraqi oil were from India, making them the most numerous.

According to her, there were 6 Chinese companies that came in second place. South Korean and American Italian companies both had 3 representatives each, while Spanish companies came in fourth with 2 representatives. The remaining companies were divided among Turkish, (Dutch-British), Russian, Emirati, Kuwaiti, and Jordanian companies. Additionally, there was one company each from France, Malaysia, and Greece.

According to SOMO, the main factor for contracting with large, medium, independent and vertically integrated global oil companies is the sale of Iraqi oil. Some notable international companies that have purchased Iraqi oil include Indian Hindustan Company, Korean Cocas, American Exxon Mobil, and Dutch-British Shell. Additionally, Italian Wayne is also involved in this industry.

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil released the latest oil export figures for the month of June, with total revenues reaching $7,179,000,000. This announcement was made on Wednesday.