Integrity confirms that “major achievements” have been made in the fight against corruption within a year of the formation of the government

Integrity confirms that “major achievements” have been made in the fight against corruption within a year of the formation of the government

The head of the Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, emphasized the importance of international cooperation and the signing of memorandums of understanding between countries to fight corruption. He also highlighted the role of such cooperation in recovering smuggled funds and convicts. He noted that the government had made significant progress in combating corruption within a year of its formation, and that this progress was due to the government’s determination to fight corruption.

The Commission of Integrity released a statement regarding a meeting between Judge Haider Hanoun and the Egyptian Minister of Justice Counselor Omar Marwan. The meeting took place at the commission’s headquarters and was also attended by the vice president of the commission and its general directors. During the meeting, Judge Hanoun emphasized the importance of the memorandums of understanding that the commission has signed with counterpart agencies in Arab countries, particularly with the Illicit Gains Agency affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. He stressed the significance of communication and cooperation between the Prevention Department of the Federal Integrity Commission and the Illicit Gains Agency in preventing and fighting corruption, as well as in tracking down and recovering illicit gains.

The head of the authority has praised the combined efforts of three authorities along with national regulatory bodies, particularly the Federal Integrity Commission, in the fight against corruption. He highlighted significant achievements made in this regard, a year after the formation of the government and the implementation of its programme. He explained that these efforts led to the capture of high-ranking officials, and the revelation of inflation and unjust gains. The investigation uncovered a project that was funded by some taxpayers, and tens of billions were returned to the state treasury as a result.

The Egyptian Minister of Justice, Counselor Omar Marwan, praised the Iraqi Integrity Commission’s cooperation with state agencies in the fight against corruption. He emphasized that combatting corruption is crucial for development and prosperity. The Minister also pointed out that automating the procedures of state departments leads to better governance and faster procedures. He added that qualified employees who receive adequate training and are placed in appropriate positions will result in increased level and quality of performance.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed various issues related to preventing and combating corruption, and agreed to continue communication between the regulatory agencies of the two countries. The Egyptian Minister of Justice expressed his ministry’s willingness to cooperate with the Authority in order to overcome any obstacles related to recovering accused and convicts. The statement also mentioned their shared commitment to this cause.