Intel Guru Frank26 – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (06-06-2023)


Intel Dinar Guru Frank26: [Iraq Boots on the Ground Report] Firefly: CBI says 20K note is not on the agenda anytime soon Frank: Do you really need a 20K note? No way. You need lower denominations. That’s why they told you that they want to give you a note below the 250 note… 20K note was an idea… but it needs to be accepted… This is in line with the new exchange rate. Doesn’t keep up with what they want to come up with…

Currency inflation, because they don’t have a new national currency, is useless – because they don’t have a new exchange rate – because they need a budget that will trigger the new exchange rate IMO. Yes, this inflation is leading to recession, which is not good. (Intel Guru Frank26) Click on Frank26 for more