Intel Guru Frank26 – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (06-15-2023)


Intel Dinar Guru Frank26: [IRAQ BOOTS ON THE GROUND REPORT] Firefly: JP Morgan is working with an Iraqi commercial bank… FRANK: JP Morgan is in Iraq, and they’re meeting with every bank in Iraq, and then the Governor to the Central Bank of Iraq tells all banks you have to open more branches… I’m impressed. The #1 bank in the United States of America is talking to every bank in Iraq. At this point, it is logical that they should. JP Morgan wants to take the Iraqi dinar on its back… where are we going? International world. We are going to start on Forex… Wow… Can you say goodbye to the approved rate? Firefly: We get it, and it’s on television all day. (Intel Guru Frank26) Click on Frank26 for more