Intel Guru Frank26 – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (06-20-2023) [Post 3 of 3]


Intel Dinar Guru Frank26: [Bluestar bank story] It was the first time I had ever gotten someone to say something like that in all these years. I said I’ve been with Wells a long time… he looked at him and said, “Wow, you’ve been with us 46 years… I told you, know I’ve got these at least. I am not dating. ..and that’s why I’m getting these charges…I’m wondering if you can take care of me because…I want to have a relationship with you guys…Within a day or two, all my charges were gone. That was a sign to me that they knew it was coming. They want to make sure that I feel that they value me because that has never happened before. She said she couldn’t do it, but then she did it….not the most outrageous and light bang story, but I thought it would be of interest… (Intel Guru Frank26) Click on Frank26 for more