Intel Guru Frank26 – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (21-05-2023)


Intel Guru Frank26: [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  They told us on TV that the new social security and retirement laws will be activated.  It’ll be activated after 90 of these laws are published in our Gazette...   FRANK:   Even those two things are being adjusted with a new exchange rate IMO… (Intel Guru Frank26) Click To Frank26 For More

You can go to the CBI website to see that it is still the same rate. There is no external float. This is not on Forex. It is not being traded anywhere internationally. We are not yet seeing new small denomination notes. There is no new exchange rate to depeg it to 1 to 1…

Together they will cross the finish line – bring back the new exchange rate, budget, HCL, new small denomination notes, coins, ATM, and all electronic cards, and everything canceled and frozen for a few days.