Intel Guru Frank26 – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (22-05-2023)


Intel Guru Frank26: [IRAQ BOOTS ON THE GROUND REPORT] Firefly: They’re talking now on News Channel One about the need to print less than the 250 notes we have now. Something like a 50-note. They suggest that in the long run, the prices of food and goods with low prices will fall…Frank: This is the new national currency that we’re telling you about… it’s going to start with the lower notes… the rate program may not work with the lower notes, but they’re going to introduce you. Remember when they got rid of the 50 note a few years ago? …they got rid of them because they were pointless at the program rate…now they’re going to give you something under 250? …because they are going to change the exchange rate…things are coming together very well… (Intel Guru Frank26) Click on Frank26 For More

I’m excited to see what’s to come. IMO once this budget comes out, it’s like opening a piñata. It’s like opening a cornucopia. We will be given a lot of information. This is very valuable in understanding where they are with financial reform. Shoot, it might provide us with a new exchange rate…