Intel Guru MarkZ – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (06-22-2023)


Intel Dinar Guru MarkZ: [via PDK] …It was unusually quiet overnight…I’ve had some interesting conversations with people in key positions, and they believe the reason it’s been so quiet is that we Why got so many NDAs because of the original plan, which was a tire. 1, Tier 2, etc., has been changed and will now happen at the same time. All notifications will now come on time. …So this is why they think we are seeing more and more silence from the NDA. That’s their opinion, and it makes sense… If they do it all together, it will be unstoppable. No one could put a spin or hiccup in it… it would spin straight… I’m still hearing it will happen this month… (Intel Guru MarkZ) Click on MarkZ For More