Intel Guru MarkZ – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (22-05-2023)


Intel Dinar Guru MarkZ: “A special session to vote on the budget on Monday” in Iraq they are working on as we speak. I was hoping we would have a quick rubber stamp on it by this morning…but nothing yet…we told you last week that the new rate may not be in the budget.. Importantly, the budget has mechanisms to change rates whenever they need to. Things are looking great, everyone…nothing negative at all. Lots of discussion on Iraq over the weekend on low denominations. How do they need less than a 250 dinar note? They talk about reinstating the 50 dinar note… why do they need smaller notes if they have coins? This means they are preparing to change their value… (Intel Dinar Guru MarkZ) Click on MarkZ For More

[via PDK] “Budget 2023 – Political Consensus and Parliamentary Disagreement – When Will It Be Passed?” Iraqi people want to know when the budget will be passed. They want you to know that they are meeting in the next few days and will go through the budget process. Personally, I think it’s all show, and they have already approved it. And for whatever reason, they’re trying to buy it a few more days before it’s gone. The question is, why? This is the question I am asking myself.