Iraq Gas Debts to be Collected “in Different Ways”

Iraq Gas Debts to be Collected in Different Ways

According to the oil minister of Iran, the country’s oil sales are doing well. Additionally, the minister mentioned that Iraq’s outstanding gas debts to Iran will be resolved through alternative methods of collection.

On Wednesday, Javad Owji spoke to reporters during the Cabinet’s weekly meeting and noted that despite the “harsher” sanctions imposed by Western countries on Iran, oil sales and exports were still on the rise.

He observed that Iran’s focus on energy diplomacy and building relationships with Asian, African, and Latin American countries has enabled them to tap into new markets for the sale of their oil.

According to SHANA, the minister stated that international organizations that closely monitor the oil exports of different nations have confirmed that Iran’s oil production and exports have increased.

According to a report from Reuters last month, Iran’s oil output and crude exports have reached new highs in 2023 despite the US sanctions. The report cited consultants, shipping data, and a source with knowledge of the matter.

In his comments, the oil minister mentioned that Iran will utilize various methods to recover the debts owed by Iraq for the imported gas from Iran.

According to Owji, there are no restrictions on how debts can be collected. Payment can be made through cash, bank drafts, or even exchanging goods.