Iraqi Prime Minister Vows Swift Action in Response to Swedish Embassy Incident

Iraqi Prime Minister Vows Swift Action in Response to Swedish Embassy Incident

Yesterday, Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani of Iraq led an emergency cabinet meeting with high-ranking officials to discuss the recent incident of protesters being allowed to burn the Holy Quran by the Swedish government, which was followed by the burning of the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad.

At the meeting, the Iraqi government expressed their condemnation of the burning of the Swedish Embassy, stating that it was a severe security breach that needed immediate attention. They emphasized the need for those responsible for security to be held accountable.

After the incident, the decision was made to turn over the individuals who were arrested for burning the embassy to the judiciary.

Furthermore, security officials who were found to be negligent will face an investigation and appropriate legal action.

The government of Iraq has reiterated its dedication to safeguarding the security and well-being of all diplomatic missions. It has made a promise to confront any attacks that are intended to harm them.

The Iraqi government informed the Swedish government through diplomatic channels that if there were any more incidents involving the burning of the Holy Quran on Swedish soil, diplomatic relations would be severed. They considered granting permission for such actions under the pretext of freedom of expression as provocative and contrary to international agreements and norms that stress the importance of respecting religions and beliefs.

Today, the Swedish government made an announcement that they will be closing their embassy in Baghdad and suspending their services until further notice. This decision was made due to the recent attack on their embassy during a demonstration organized by supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr, who is the leader of the Sadrist movement. The incident coincided with a planned rally in Sweden where the organizer intends to burn a copy of the Quran in front of the Iraqi embassy.

The Swedish Foreign Minister, Tobias Billstrom, expressed his concern and disappointment regarding the incident. He stated that it is evident that the Iraqi authorities have not fulfilled their responsibility of safeguarding diplomatic missions.

The current situation has caused tension in the relationship between Iraq and Sweden, which has led to global concerns about the safety and security of diplomatic personnel and missions.