Jordanian PM confirms electrical interconnection with Iraq progressing quickly

Jordanian PM confirms electrical interconnection with Iraq progressing quickly

According to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the Prime Minister of Jordan, Bishr Hani Al-Khasawneh, announced on Monday that the second stage of the electricity connection between Jordan and Iraq is rapidly advancing.

During a press conference with Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, Al-Khasawneh emphasized the strong relationship between Iraq and Jordan. He also stressed the significance of military coordination in fighting terrorism.

The Prime Minister of Jordan urged for enhanced teamwork in combating drug cartels, while also highlighting his conversations with Iraq regarding the necessity for renewable energy.

Al-Khasawneh mentioned that he had talked about the tripartite arrangement involving Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt. He also mentioned that there are exciting findings near the border between Iraq and Jordan.

On Monday, a Jordanian official arrived in Baghdad to attend meetings of the joint Iraqi-Jordanian committee, which were led by Al-Sudani.

During the bilateral meetings, the Iraqi Prime Minister stated that they were productive and focused on key topics such as the economy, healthcare, food security, and public safety.

According to Al-Sudani, he advocates for collaboration between the private sectors of Iraq and Jordan. He also urges the Iraqi-Jordanian Business Council to invest in various projects such as real estate development, housing, industrial, and agricultural initiatives.