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Clare:  Trade: Baghdad International Fair will include the participation of 20 countries and more than 800 international companies

1/4/2023   Baghdad – INA – Hassan Al-Fawaz

The Ministry of Commerce confirmed today, Thursday, that the 47th edition of the Baghdad International Fair will include the participation of 20 countries and more than 800 international companies, while indicating that the exhibition halls are sold out.

Director General of the General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services in the Ministry, Mustafa Al-Ani, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Under the patronage of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ Al-Sudani, the 47th edition of the Baghdad International Fair will be opened in a few days and under the supervision and follow-up of the Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, after… Completing the required preparations in the exhibition’s pavilions and corridors.”

He explained, “This session will be different from the previous one, as 20 countries and more than 800 international and local companies will participate in it,” noting that “this economic forum will have important repercussions on the economic reality in all aspects.”

He added, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated with more than 140 companies, in addition to the fact that this session will include the participation of companies from countries that have not previously participated in Baghdad, such as the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, and other countries,” pointing out that “the number of reserved halls reached 17 halls, in addition to… The total rented space reached 20,000 square meters of indoor space and 4,000 square meters of outdoor space.”

He added, “The exhibition halls are completely exhausted with local and international participation, and this is happening for the first time since 2003,” noting that “state institutions are present in this session, such as the Ministries of Industry, Health, Communications, Science and Technology, as well as the Ministry of Commerce.”

He continued, “Guests from countries at the level of ministers and ambassadors, senior officials in the Iraqi state, and senior businessmen and industrial sectors will be present at this session.”

He stressed, “The international session of the Baghdad Exhibition comes within the framework of the government’s interest in Iraq’s openness to the countries of the world and the region, as this forum will constitute an important reflection in Iraq’s economic and industrial reality and is an opportunity to exchange experiences and meet the market’s need for goods, services and expertise offered by international and local companies.”   LINK


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Frank26    We are in the waiting phase.   Simply in a waiting phase.  That’s all.  There isn’t, this needs to be done, that needs to be done, That T crossed, That I dotted.  No.  We are in a waiting phase.

Walkingstick  All systems for the monetary reform are in place, they’re just not linked yet.  The uplink is not on yet…Many months ago the CBI told her banks to be prepared to be ready on January 1, 2024 because of all the banking system would be in place before ’24…What they’re doing right now is they’re telling the citizens what they need to hear for the next step of the monetary reformOnce the lower denoms are announced the exchange inside Iraq will move even more quickly.  You know how – through a float.  Citizens want this movement to occur now.  Citizens want their purchasing power.



Tishwash:  The US State Department calls on the Iraqi government to hold accountable those responsible for attacks on its forces

The US State Department called on the Iraqi government to hold accountable those responsible for the attacks on US forces in the country, noting that US forces are present in Iraq at the request of its government.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a press statement, “American forces are present at the invitation of the Iraqi government, and the Iraqi government must hold accountable the perpetrators of attacks against it, whoever they may be.”

Mather Miller added, “The Iraqi government must take further steps to protect the American forces present there based on its invitation.”  link

Listen carefully… this good

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