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Clare: Al-Sudani: 2024 will be the year of achievements and the opening of projects


Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed today, Saturday, that 2024 will be the year of achievements and the opening of various projects.

Al-Sudani said during the inauguration of the Freedom Bridge, “The Freedom Pedestrian Bridge is the first of its kind on the Tigris River,” praising “the efforts of workers in the companies of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Water Resources, the Municipality of Baghdad, and other supporting bodies.”

The Prime Minister added, “The bridge was implemented despite the delays and will facilitate the movement of visitors and citizens in general.”

He added, “The bridge was given the name Freedom, due to important considerations and connotations for this region, whose direct communication across the two banks was prevented by the former regime, especially on days of visits.”

Al-Sudani confirmed, “Soon there will be additional services in this area, to complement the origin of this project according to the design prepared by the Ministry, making it a service, entertainment, and tourism facility worthy of the Kadhimiya area, and all areas of the capital, Baghdad.”   LINK


Clare:  The government and the Central Bank win the battle for financial and banking reform in 2023

12/23/2023   Samir Al-Nusairi

The data, indicators, achievements and preliminary results achieved in 2023 indicate that the government of the Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, and the Central Bank, in continuous cooperation and coordination between them, have resulted in their comprehensive reform steps contained in the government curriculum in the axis of financial and banking reform and in the strategy of the Central Bank, which focused on regulating foreign trade financing.

Opening direct dealings between Iraqi banks that secured the necessary requirements to deal with correspondent banks and opening new foreign currencies in addition to the US dollar. Such as the Chinese yuan, the euro, the UAE dirham, the Indian rupee, and the Turkish lira. To be traded for external transfers with these countries in accordance with understandings and agreements with the US Reserve and the US Treasury Department.

The role of the Central Bank will be supervisory and supervisory. The other achievement is the compliance of Iraqi banks with the global banking system and regularity within the system of international banking relations, which has restored confidence in the integrity of banking transactions with Iraq. This is an important and basic goal. The other important goal, which the government is working to implement in cooperation and coordination with the Central Bank and the Association of Banks. Electronic payment companies are moving and transforming from the cash economy to the digital economy and the issuance of a number of decisions from the Council of Ministers and several instructions and executive procedures from the Central Bank to achieve this in a record period. And work to complete the necessary infrastructure to achieve digital transformation in the banking sector. The government is working seriously on governance and automation of the tax system, the customs system, and networking with the Central Bank of Iraq.

The new thing in the Sudanese government is that it draws up plans and follows up implementation on a daily basis with the parties concerned with implementation and participates in facilitating procedures and overcoming obstacles first and foremost. It consults continuously with the Central Bank as an advisor to the government. 

Since we are in the last week of 2023, the Central Bank and the government have set before them in 2024 the completion of financial and banking reforms in a way that achieves complete financial and banking reform and controlling and maintaining the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in a way that does not allow the official rate to be equal to the exchange rate in the parallel market. And that the planned goals for the year are Mentioned as follows:

First – Building a stable financial system lies in accompanying financial electronic systems.

Second: Commitment to establishing the rules of compliance, risk management, transparency, and soundness of financial operations.

Third: Working to strengthen international relations, including establishing a network of relations with foreign correspondent banks.

Fourth: Establishing a Riyada Bank and redirecting work on initiatives to finance small and medium enterprises in accordance with standards

New banks contribute to its capital and management. In line with the initiative of the Prime Minister (Riyada).

Establishing a loan guarantee company.

 Fifth: Prepare and launch a financial inclusion strategy and put it into practice in coordination with the relevant authorities.

 Sixth – Launching the national lending strategy, relying on the banks’ own financial capabilities to attract deposits and invest them in providing the best banking products to customers and contributing to development.   LINK


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:  https://www.dinarguru.com/

Nader From The Mid East  The facts are the facts.  If they delete the dollar, if they take off the dollar from the markets in Iraq, they’re going to have to come out with a small category of dinar.  That’s it.  WhyBecause it’s too much dinars to carry…I’m not going to carry 150,000 dinars in my pockets.  I’m not going to do that. I prefer to have $100 than 150,000.

Bruce   [via WiserNow]   …we were told a couple of weeks ago that we are expecting to receive this RV – our blessing – before Christmas and as far as we know, that is still the plan...I will tell you why…there was a conference call…[Thursday] morning…I believe it was with Treasury and with the leaders of the redemption centers. We have over 7000 redemption centers in the US…the outcome of the call was this –  there was a 98% chance of us going in before Christmas…Another source when I asked …Could we be exchanging before Christmas? He did say yes.  I believe it is definitely possible.

ALERT! Prediction: 2024 Silver Demand Will Destroy the Riggers and FREE THE WORLD!

(Bix Weir)  12-23-2023

The Demand for Silver in 2023 has BLOWN THE DOOR off all previous records! IF properly counted we are looking at a supply/demand shortage of over 500M ounces! …and the silver price did NOTHING in 2023! 2024 Demand is already looking at DOUBLING so the lifespan of a Silver Price Suppressor is getting very short!


Rafi Farber: When This Daily $800B Trade Unwinds, The Treasury Market Could Implode

Arcadia Economics:  12-23-2023

As gold and silver continue their encouraging uptrends, serious trouble is brewing in the bowels of the Treasury market.

We’ve all been wondering where exactly all the money from the reverse repo facility is going, and a partial answer is the Treasury market, but not exclusively.

A lot of it is going into the private overnight repo market between banks. This overnight money is in turn funding massive leveraged short trades in Treasury futures that could all unwind once the extra money finally runs out.

The resulting panic in debt markets would force the Federal Reserve to step in immediately.