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Clare:  Positive government steps to attract major international traders and companies


The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce revealed the existence of positive government steps that will attract major merchants and international companies.

The president of the union, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Entering the electronic platform to pay taxes has become inevitable, and will be implemented within the time frame set by the General Tax Authority, but there is a major problem represented by small merchants who now represent the majority.

They are forced to… To go to the parallel market,” noting that “there has been an old fear for decades, between the merchant and the government.”

He pointed out that “a positive tax system has been launched, but we need to restore trust between the merchant and the government.”

He added, “The majority of the Iraqi market is made up of small merchants, due to the circumstances that Iraq went through,” adding, “The equation will change during the coming period, and large international companies and labels and large merchants will enter the Iraqi market, while small merchants will be shoppers.”

He stated that “taxes created a kind of gap and problems for many Iraqis, including the loss of files, the similarity of names, taking deposits without refunding them, calculating the tax twice, and other problems.”

He stressed that “the recent decision by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani will change many of those problems mentioned above, but implementation needs to be strict.”

He pointed out that “Iraq deals with white money with countries around the world, so the issue of the electronic platform is positive, and it is a global step.”LINK


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Walkingstick   1310 is actually a really good rate right now because it’s good to keep control of the IQD exchange rate.  By keeping it at 1310 until they’re ready to pull the trigger, there’s no profiteering.  There’s no reason to steal a dinar.  As the CBI maintains the exchange rate value of the IQD it is affecting the rate of the USD verses IQD…The CBI is controlling the dinar…

Frank26  Don’t ever let go of your sight of your dinars until you know you’ve been credited.  Don’t let them [bank, redemption center, exchange house etc] send them anywhere else.



CandyKisses:  Political: Condemnation and denunciation of US crimes will not change the equation

Information / Baghdad…

Political analyst Sabah al-Ukaili said on Sunday that the government’s statements of condemnation and denunciation towards repeated US crimes will not change the equation, pointing out that the continuation of US forces to remain inside Iraq pushes the resistance towards the use of force in order to remove them from the country.

 Al-Uqaili told Al-Maalouma that “Washington’s failure to comply with the decision of the Iraqi parliament and keep its forces in the country makes these forces occupied, which pushes the resistance to carry out operations against it in order to remove them by force from Iraq and ensure that no American soldier is present in Iraqi territory.”

He added that “the government is satisfied with denouncing and condemning the American crimes inside Iraq, and this matter will not change anything in the equation, at a time when there must be a government effort to bind the United States to the agreements concluded with it.” “

He pointed out that “the agreements concluded with Washington stipulate the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, but there is an unjustified procrastination and many question marks.” 

The REAL Reason Costco & Walmart Are Selling GOLD & SILVER | Mike Maloney


“We are entering the third and final phase of the precious metals bull market. This is where the biggest moves and gains in wealth are made, and this (Costco & Walmart selling gold and silver) is the proof that we are entering that phase because it is now getting into the public consciousness.” – Mike Maloney