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Tishwash: Work: All companies are obligated to employ 50% of the Iraqi workforce for foreign workers

Today, Monday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs clarified regarding the regulation of the legal status of foreign workers coming to Iraq, while confirming that the decision to employ 50% of Iraqi hands for foreign workers is binding on all companies.

The Deputy Director General of Labor and Vocational Training in the Ministry, Abbas Fadel Abbas, said, “The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs worked through the Department of Labor and Vocational Training to implement Cabinet Resolution No. 23119 extended by Resolution 23649 on adapting the status of foreign workers by correcting the status of expatriate workers to Iraq.” legally, that is, through the border crossings.

Abbas added, “The department is also committed to implementing the Council of Ministers’ decision to apply the 50% rate of Iraqi workers in exchange for foreign workers.”
Regarding the unemployed and their employment in companies operating in Iraq, Abbas explained, “Cabinet Resolution No. 245 obligated all companies to achieve 50% of foreign labor in exchange for Iraqi labor.”

He pointed out, “This aims to employ the unemployed according to the ministry’s vision to implement the government curriculum for the employment of young job seekers.” link


Tishwash:  An Iraqi-Singaporean memorandum of understanding for the development of Iraqi ports.. Advanced handling and storage mechanisms

Today, Monday (July 31, 2023), the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, the General Company for Iraqi Ports, signed a protocol of joint cooperation with the CEO of the Singaporean Allied Company, one of the companies working with Singaporean ports in the field of handling, container storage, management and electronic monitoring.

The Director General of Ports, Farhan Al-Fartousi, said in a statement received by “Baghdad Today”, that “according to the directives of the Minister of Transport, Razzaq Muhaibis Al-Saadawi, we signed a joint cooperation report with the CEO of the Singaporean Allied Company, one of the companies working with Singaporean ports in the field of handling and storage of containers, management and electronic monitoring.”

He explained, “The minutes included cooperation in training Iraqi port employees in Singapore ports to use the single window and control the handling of goods inside the port, in addition to developing our staff in the field of transforming our ports to work within the single window, and cooperation in the field of developing logistical work inside Iraqi ports  link


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Frank26  Article:  “The US ambassador in Baghdad announces the success of her mediation between the Iraqi Central Bank and the US Treasury“. AS WE PREDICTED THE US TREASURY IS NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO PUT SANCTIONS BACK ON IRAQ.

Goldilocks  “HCM CITY — HDBank is one of the first lenders in Việt Nam to have successfully adopted Basel III reforms standards.” HD Bank in Vietnam has upgraded from Basel 2 to Basel 3 Reforms across the board on all of the requirements it takes to be compliant. The Basel Committee has recommended this for International Banks since January 1, 2023, and HD Bank is our first International pioneer. They have reached sustainable goals through Article 4…with the IMF, and they are now able to move forward... Iraq being on a similar track...HDBank, one of the pioneers in Việt Nam, has applied leading international risk management standards…

LIVE! Expect Commodity Prices To SURGE HIGHER As Global Debt/WAR VASTLY EXPANDS.

Greg Mannarino:  7-31-2023

A 2024 Recession is (almost) Guaranteed

Heresy Financial:  7-31-2023

In today’s world, it appears that more and more people believe we can defy the laws of gravity, thinking that printing 40% of the money supply in a few months can lead to endless prosperity without consequences.

Sadly, this is the narrative some, including figures like Powell, are promoting, claiming no recession on the horizon. However, the harsh reality is quite different. I’m here to shed light on the imminent recession that awaits us.

Firstly, it’s almost certain to happen. Secondly, brace yourselves, as it won’t be a minor downturn; it may rival the magnitude of the great financial crisis or even the Great Depression.

Despite the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting claiming no recession is in sight, I’ll show you why they might be mistaken. The imminent risks overshadow the economy’s supposed resilience, cited by some to justify their optimism.

Several banks have already failed this year, indicating underlying vulnerabilities. The Federal Reserve is not the only entity hoping for a recession-free future, but this optimistic outlook doesn’t align with the broader economic indicators.

 Prepare yourself with this essential knowledge and be aware of the looming economic storm.


0:00 No More Recession on the Horizon?

0:57 Is the Yield Curve Wrong?

4:04 Bankruptcies and Bank Lending

7:53 Yield Curves Always Predict a Recession

11:02 What All the Yield Curves are Saying

14:14 How to Navigate the Current Market