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The international monetary system will COLLAPSE, warns James Rickards – it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN

07/31/2023 // Ethan Huff

Financial expert James G. Rickards is sounding the alarm about the impending collapse of the international monetary system.

A lawyer and investment banker with 50 years of experience in monetary economics, Rickards says “we’re at war,” this being the title of a new piece he wrote about the falling house of cards known as global finance.

The existing world order, which is based on fiat currencies like the United States dollar and the European euro, is on its last legs. Very soon, Rickards warns, all this backed-by-nothing paper money will go bye-bye, and replacing it will be an entirely new paradigm – but not without a total collapse in between.

You see, in order to make way for the new world order, the old world order has to be demolished. Much like what happened with the twin towers, the rubble that remains after the collapse will birth a new system, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes.

In his article, Rickards explains how monetary systems change every 30-40 years, with the previous iteration being based on a classical gold standard. For the past half-century, money has been backed by nothing. And what comes next, well, the world will have to wait and see.

“Today, the existing monetary system is over 50 years old, so the world is long overdue for a new monetary system,” Rickards says.

“The unprecedented sanctions that the U.S. and its allies imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine have only accelerated the move toward a new monetary system.”

Source: Natural News

James Rickards Warns the International Monetary System will Collapse


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY:   TV news saying from parliament the work of the budget law will increase the value of the dinar…saying budget to be implemented in next few days and committee formed to watch the exchanges.

Pimpy   We’re all waiting for the budget law to finally be passed.  We heard it was passed but we need instructions on how to allocate out the budget.  This is the craziest thing I’ve seen.  This is what I talk about all the time when it comes to Iraq.  They just can’t get their crap together.  This law was passed how long ago?  It made it through all the proper steps…it was published and then halted waiting for instructions on how to allocate out the money which is like the craziest thing ever.



Clare:  Seizing 41 million forged dinars in the Kurdistan region, printed outside Iraq


 The Asayish security institution in the Kurdistan region announced, on Wednesday, the seizure of a large amount of counterfeit money in the administration of the “Raprin” area in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. 

And the Foundation stated, in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of, that “the Asayish Rabin Directorate seized 41,500,000 forged Iraqi dinars in the category (five thousand dinars) printed outside Iraq, with the intention of selling them in the Kurdistan region and the center and south of the country.”

He added that “the security forces arrested a suspect named (A, H, J), with whom the counterfeit amount was seized, according to Article 281 of the Penal Code,” stressing that they “will always protect everyone’s property and prevent all illegal activities and fraud.”   LINK

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Debt Downgrade!

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