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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 5 Oct. 2023

Compiled Thurs. 5 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset: (RUMORS) 

Walkingstick (an Iraqi citizen and bank owner): “The tender for the currency and coins has been met per request, meaning (requirements) for release of the new Iraqi Dinar exchange rate has been fulfilled.”

Wolverine: “The funds have been released and placed on the Quantum Financial System.”

On that same Fri. 22 Sept. the Quantum Financial System took over the Global Financial System.

On Sun. evening 24 Sept. the QFS was activated, with all funds gold backed.

On Thurs. 28 Sept. Iraq abolished the dollar in it’s currency auctions. …Central Bank of Iraq

“On Thurs. 28 Sept. a ten day process began of an automatic increase in the value of the Dinar.” …Frank 26

On Fri. 29 Sept. the HCL Oil payments to Iraqi citizens was being paid with an In-country Rate of $5+

Fri. 29 Sept was a dramatic beginning of the Stock Market Crash. The Chinese Communist Party Defense Minister, plus theCEO of the World’s largest real estate company, the CCP’s Evergrande, went missing – that halted Evergrande Shares on a Stock Market that was already in free fall – any, or all of which could easily bring on a Global Financial Crisis that would trigger a Global Currency Reset.

Sun. 1 Oct was the first banking day of October in the Mideast and start of the new US Fiscal Year. All banks were required to be on the gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System rather than the old fiat currency SWIFT System by that Sun. 1 Oct.

On Sun. 1 Oct. the Admiral converted payments from 20 of the top tier T4A groups (out of 356 4A groups) from USD fiat to gold – USN/USTN with the support needed to start the T4 groups (4A and 4B).

At midnight on Sun. 1 Oct. the World Court reviewed evidence and then signed a document giving evidence that they were beginning the RV/GCR.

If funds were not released by midnight EST, Interpol would intervene to make arrests. Federal authorities and SOPs would also make arrests. This HAS to happen and the World Court’s orders are a blessing in disguise.

All major pools expect liquidity release to begin at midnight EST, but also confirmed information from their Hong Kong Prime Minister in Zurich that liquidity release was expected to begin midnight EST and onwards overnight.

The Forex was down all Sun. evening 1 Oct, and then came up Mon. morning 2 Oct. with all values set to Zero.

Mon. 2 Oct. Frank26: “All Red High Alert”

On Mon. 2 Oct. the Iraqi WS Bank US Branch was open for business. As the Stock Market reopened and sell offs continued.

Wolverine confirmed that some of the T4 holders had to be turned away on Mon. 2 Oct. when they tried at the last minute to renegotiate some of the payment contracts for higher exchange rates; They were told NO and this caused things to slow down a bit, but the US Treasury got things moving again FAST, because of WORLD COURT ARBITRATION to release the RV shotgun payment in full ASAP and because Trump and the Chinese also wanted it completed ASAP.

Tues. 3 Oct. In the last 24 hours PM T4A started in the process of preparing and paying T4 groups.

Tues. 3 Oct. was officially designated as the National Day of the Republic of Iraq to celebrate Iraqi freedom from the US Inc.

TNT Tony: Iraqi Government salaries being paid a month in advance effective Wed. 4 Oct.

Wolverine: “Shelton said on his call that the 10 days of darkness and 12 days of disclosures would start after an Event on Wed. 4 Oct.”

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru

PompeyPeter  Iraq has to be Article VIII to ascend to the WTO…Are they going to say they’re Article VIII at 1300No they’re not.  Absolutely not.  Theoretically/technically they could but they’re notHow do we know they’re not?   They’ll implode.  They cannot do all the things listed on the budget.  Why would you go at 1300 to 1 when you could go 1 to 4

Militia Man  Where are they going to get all the money to do all this road constructionWhere are you going to get all the money for the water, sewer and all of those things?  Where is that money going to come from when you have an exchange rate at 1310?   Everybody should be pretty happy to see Iraq is getting ready to be underway…

Another Volatile Session In The Silver, Gold, and Bond Markets

Arcadia Economics:  10-5-2023

The past week in the financial markets has hardly been one for the faint of heart. The big moves in the bond market have continued, with 10-year yields rising as high as 4.88% before sinking lower through this morning’s trading down to 4.73%.

The volatility has also sent the gold and silver prices higher, lower, and then slightly back up again, as the markets attempt to price in just how far the bond market is going to sink. Concerns of a credit event continue to emerge, as the awareness over the growing deficits in the US are being brought to the forefront.

All of which has pressured gold and silver over the past week, yet the realization that the Federal Reserve is going to have to begin monetizing more and more US treasury debt going forward has not been forgotten.

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