Newshound Guru Deepwoodz – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (26-05-2023)


Newshound Dinar Guru Deepwoodz: Article: “With documents..amendment of paragraph on region’s dues in the budget, and Patriotic Union confirms: a historic victory for the Kurds and a setback for the corrupt” This has been a hold-up. The owners are p*ssed, but it’s good, and it looks like they’re ready to vote tomorrow!

Community Question “…the budget calls for a tax of 25,000 IQD for Iraqi citizens to pay if they use the airport and fly. This tax tells me that any indication of a rate change coming to Parliament Shouldn’t be. It really bothers me… if the rate were to change, 25,000 IQD would be equal to $25,000 with an initial 1 to 1 R.I. This is ridiculous.” Here’s a theory, notice that 99.9% of the time, when you see a tax, bill, debt, or expense, it always ends with 000…

So when they finish what they call a project to leave zero, it’s that simple. Drop zero from the idle value. So 25,000 tax is $25 tax just for flying… They are adding tax to many things, and let’s hope it’s because they expect to make a lot of money soon… “Non-Oil Income.” Let’s hope it’s because they expect people to have higher wages, more money through HCL, and more purchasing power through the new national currency. (Newshound Guru Deepwoodz) Click On Deepwoodz For More