Newshound Guru Militia Man – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (04-06-2023)


Newshound Dinar Guru Militia Man: We believe that the central bank is fully prepared for the forex system as this is what it will use for international currencies. Let’s see how it plays out as the retail side happens when we are affected by it, not when the central banks are taking their time with the currency…our Forex Sunday at 5ish Opens close. Hopefully, we’ll see something. We never know. Obviously anything can happen. We only go with the information we have in writing and some of our banking sources and financial resources… we collect…

They have been talking about the budget. This has become a big deal. Some people think it’s not important but it’s quite interesting…about a week ago…we were talking about convergence and what we were talking about was 2023, the 24th and the 25th. The budget was consistent with the debt ceiling of the USA…we thought that was a correlation and I think we’ll find out if that happens or apparently it will have an impact and has had an impact. (Newshound Guru Militia Man) Click on Militia Man For More