Newshound Guru Militia Man – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (07-09-2023)


Newshound Iraqi Dinar Guru Militia Man: The Minister of Transport announced that the completion of the port is 60%… How many dinars will be spent on the reconstruction of the port in 1310? How is this going to work? It didn’t happen. It’s not over… remember this is the 2023-24-25 budget as of the first of this year… if they change the exchange rate… if they get to 1 to 1, it is 1300% cheaper. What if they go back to the previous era…about $2.80 to $3.22…that’s 2600% cheaper…surprising how cheap this port would be to build. Even with all these construction projects… the country will have to import those materials. (Newshound Iraqi Dinar Gurus Militia Man) Click on Militia Man For More