Newshound Guru NORV – Iraqi Dinar Guru Update (24-05-2023)


Newshound Dinar Guru NORV: I have always said that with the success of Iraq’s economy, the dinar will rise. …Some interesting news…Article: “Social Security law includes many benefits for private sector workers” The law was passed late last week…removing people from the government payroll. It is important to work for the private sector. The sector which has already been mentioned will not only diversify the Iraqi economy but also rebuild the country. Article: “Retirement: Insurance law would provide pay to more than 2 million private-sector workers.” They plan to introduce the law in August.
In summary, they will launch the private sector at this time. This is great news. So we can expect significant changes in Iraq’s economy this year in August. (Newshound Guru NORV) Click on NORV for more